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In Bollywood, where merit and hard work should triumph, many very talented actors miss out on possibilities simply because the parents of a famous child hog those opportunities for their children. It could be a matter of fate or poor luck for some other excellent actors.

They were able to make it famous in Bollywood, but today they reign OTT shows like rockstars because of their honesty and talent, which can’t be hidden for very long. These performers now have the opportunity to be a part of more significant and award-winning movies that not only display but also honour their skill. Below, you can get to know them.

1. Manoj Bajpayee

It is no secret that due to the presence of Manoj Bajpayee, The Family Man 1 and 2 was a huge success. It’s a shame that Bollywood didn’t appreciate the delicate acting skills of men. He’s so versatile that he can easily slip into any role he’s given.

His portrayal as Srikant Tiwari in The Family Man, in which he was cast as a normal man, was a hit with the public because it was so relatable.

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2. Pankaj Tripathi

Run, Pankaj’s first film as a Bollywood actor was released in 2004. That said, Mirzapur the OTT platform series that was shown flipped the tables for him in terms of his career, he admits. The actor Pankaj Tripathi revealed, in an interview,

“The contribution of OTT is huge for my career. In terms of reach, it’s huge. Even the people in my village watch my shows. The cinema hall is 26 kilometres away from my village and it was not possible for them to catch all my films. But thanks to OTT, people are watching in my village. OTT ka bahut yogdaan hai mere career mein”

3. Pratik Gandhi

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Scam 1992, gained prominence, as did its cast. Pratik went months without a paycheck before securing the part. Which, in fact, validated his efforts and abilities. Pratik stated in an interview:
didn’t realize it’d become this huge. It was so overwhelming.

And when Shabana Azmi ma’am told me it was the best performance she’d seen in 20 years, I was in tears. It’s been 5 months since Scam’s release & my life has taken a 180-degree turn. People see me as a ‘lead actor’ now.”

4. Nawazuddin Siddiqui

It was during the Sacred Games that Nawazuddin’s destiny was illuminated and he received all the attention. When it comes to Bollywood icons such as Salman Khan (Bajrang Bhaijaan, Kick), he’s worked with them all. Web series displayed his raw skill very effectively.

5. Divyendu Sharma

Pyaar Ka Punchnama was his debut film, co-starring Kartik Aaryan (the film with way too much casual anyway). It did not succeed, but his appearance in Mirzapur provided him with a slew of new verticals. His portrayal as “Munna Bhaiya” was received well by the fans.


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