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1. Genelia D’souza: Soon after Genelia got married to Ritesh, she left her career and became more of a house-maker. She delivered Riaan, their first son when she was 27, and is now a mother of two sons.

genelia kids

2. Kajol Devgan: Kajol was at the peak of her career and doing back-to-back films when she fell in love head over heels with Ajay Devgan. And they both got married and continued with their careers. Kajol even suffered from a miscarriage but at the age of 29, she was blessed with Nysa, and then a few years later with Yug.

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kajol kids

3. Dimple Kapadia: She probably makes it to the top of the list because she surprised her fans by getting married to Rajesh Khanna at the age of 16 and by the age of 17, she was pregnant with Twinkle Khanna.

dimple kids

4. Twinkle Khanna: Twinkle had this deal that if her movie “Mela” flopped, she would marry Akshay and that is what happened. She also became a mother in her 20s and gave birth to Aarav at the age of 29 and was later blessed with Nitara a few years later.

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twinkle kids

5. Babita Kapoor: Just like her two famous daughters, Babita was also very famous as an actress, but she also choose her family over the career and turned a mother at the age of 26. After Karishma, her younger sister Kareena was also born a few years down the line.

babita kids

6. Sharmila Tagore: Just like so many actresses out there, the graceful and beautiful Sharmila also left her career behind after marrying the handsome Pataudi. She also became mother to the handsome Saif Ali Khan at the age of 25.

sharmila kids

7. Neetu Singh: Like other Kapoor bahus, Neetu Singh also married Rishi Kapoor at an early age and delivered her first baby at the age of only 22. And then after her kids were grown-ups, she did do a few movies as a comeback.

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