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Photo filters, which tend to disguise one’s true appearance, have been one of the banes of social media. While it may appear to be harmless fun at first, it prevents people from accepting their own bodies. So, it can be fatal for us because when we do not accept our own body as it is, then start hating it which results in mental illness and other problems.

Sometimes it also happens that when our body is made according to our mind, then we try to change it in different ways. Some people go with exercises and other natural processes but some people also resort to extreme methods like surgeries and consumption of medicines in order to change the body quickly.

Many models and Bollywood celebrities also used these kinds of ways. Some got the correct results and some are still looking for the correct results. One of them is Ileana D’Cruz, an actress from Rustom.

Ileana D’Cruz Hot
Ileana D’Cruz/Instagram

Previously, the 35-year-old actress admitted to 15 years of suffering from body dysmorphia. A person suffering from this psychological illness compulsively focuses on one perceived imperfection or defect in their physical appearance.

In October 2020, she wrote in an Instagram picture while wearing a black bikini,

“I’ve always worried about how I looked. I’ve worried my hips are too wide, my thighs too wobbly, my waist not narrow enough, my tummy not flat enough, my boobs not big enough, my butt too big, my arms too jiggly, nose not straight enough, lips not full enough….. I’ve worried that I’m not tall enough, not pretty enough, not funny enough, not smart enough, not ‘perfect’ enough.”

She went on to say that she has chosen to accept her defects and strive toward “not conforming to society’s ideals of beauty.” Ileana wrote,

“Not realising I was never meant to be perfect. I was meant to be beautifully flawed. Different. Quirky. Unique. Every scar, every bump, every ‘flaw’ just made me, me. My own kind of beautiful. That’s why I’ve stopped. Stopped trying to conform to the world’s ideals of what’s meant to be beautiful. I’ve stopped trying so hard to fit in. Why should I? When I was born to stand out.”

Ileana D'Cruz Bikini
Ileana D’Cruz/Instagram

From struggling with body-image issues to embracing her journey towards body positivity

As we have already mentioned how she was suffering from body dysmorphia, no one knows better than Ileana how bad it feels to not be able to accept your own body. But now things are changed. Ileana is changed. Now, she has accepted her body as it is. She’d realised that perfection was never in the cards for her and that her defects are her uniqueness.

That’s why Ileana D’Cruz congratulated herself in a recent Instagram Stories picture showcasing her in a red bikini, with a comment on ‘deleting’ such applications that will beautify our faces and body in images. She also used the hashtag ‘#youarebeautiful.’ Ileana wrote,

“So easy to get sucked into apps that get you to alter your body so effortlessly to make you look ‘slimmer’, ‘more toned’, etc etc etc… Proud of the fact that I’ve deleted all those apps and chosen this instead. This is me and I’m embracing every inch, every curve, all of me.”

Ileana D’Cruz body positivity
Ileana D’Cruz/Instagram

D’cruz’s open thoughts on body acceptance have connected strongly with her followers in recent years, and the actress has garnered numerous praises for her posts.

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It occurred again this time. On various social media platforms, her fans showered her with appreciation.

Ileana D’Cruz body
Ileana D’Cruz/Instagram
Ileana D’Cruz body positive
Ileana D’Cruz/Instagram
Ileana D’Cruz body comments
Ileana D’Cruz/Instagram

Many celebrities from various backgrounds, such as Sameera Reddy, Chrissy Teigen, and Lizzo, have championed the cause of body positivity in recent years, using their social media platforms to encourage people to freely discuss their bodies and how comfortable they are with them.


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