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Well, having had a two-decade-long career, the Vikram Vedha star has actually gone on to earn quite a lot of money, and here's exactly how he has spent it, proving he is actually living life king-size: 

1. A Private Jet

A Private Jet© Instagram/Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik is one person who loves spending time with his sons but has to juggle a lot because of his professional commitments.

With that in mind, the actor purchased a private jet of his own to reach places faster.

Hrithik bought the jet during the filming of Jodha Akbar and now uses it for personal and professional means.

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2. Sea-Facing Home (Rs 50 Cr)

You'd think if he has a jet, he really has to have a very nice house, right? Absolutely correct.

He has a number of properties but his sea-facing home in Juhu worth a staggering 50 Crore rupees, is something completely else.

3. Rolls Royce Ghost (Rs. 7 Cr)

Rolls Royce© Rolls Royce

Hrithik joined the list of famous names like Shah Rukh Khan after buying the Rolls Royce Ghost that is worth Rs 7 Crore.

The actor is quite a regular user of the car which makes it seem like it's one of his favourite cars. Why not? It just looks stunning.

4. Duplex Penthouse (Rs. 97.50 Cr)

Duplex Penthouse© Magic Bricks

As per reports, Hrithik bought the Rs 100 Crore worth apartments back in 2020.

The two apartments combined together are known as a 'Mansion In the Air', where one is a duplex penthouse with the other being a single-story home.

As per reports, the apartments are spread over an area of 38,000 sq. ft that gives a beautiful view of the Arabian Sea.

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5. Mercedes-Maybach (Rs. 2.43 Cr)

According to Go Mechanic, Hrithik is one of the many stars to own the Mercedes Maybach S600 car. Priced at Rs 2.43 Crores, the mean machine is truly a wonderful piece of metal.  

The car has an A 6-litre V12 petrol engine that generates 523Bhp.


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