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There will hardly be any person who watched the superhit movie “Jab We Met” and failed to notice this “naughty receptionist” who despite a very small role left a memorable impression on viewers!


Yes, we are talking about the pervert receptionist of Hotel Decent who offered Shahid and Kareena a room on per hour basis. No doubt, whenever we think about him, a smile appears on our lips.

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But it won’t be incorrect if we say that very few people might actually be knowing more about him.


He is an art director named Teddy Maurya and he’s done a number of Hindi movies.


Teddy is a theatre artist too for about 21 yrs.


He appeared in John Abraham starrer “Rocky Handsome” and his work was appreciated in the movie too.


In “Rocky Handsome”, Teddy played Luke Ferriera’s role which was rejected by numerous actors as it was quite small but in spite of this, he did it and was applauded for his work.


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