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We came across a Reddit thread where people are discussing how some of our favourite Bollywood stars have lied in public. So, here are 14 of the most blatant lies ever uttered by celebrities:

1. “The storyline of this movie is so different from the others that I’ve done before.”

Answer Source- swarup8289


2. “When the new-gen star kids talk about their “hard work”, to bag a role.”

Answer Source- manamaboy

ananya pandey meme

3. “Deepika lying through her teeth on the Ellen DeGeneres show about being single while she was actually with Ranveer in a serious relationship which turned into marriage a year or so later. She did the same on many American shows when promoting the xXx movie. And also flirting with Vin Diesel insinuating that something’s brewing between the two.”

Answer Source- greenisthesky


4. “Ranveer is a total outsider when he is related to Anil Kapoor’s family. Like how come you would deny your own relatives to concoct fake struggle stories and gain audience sympathy.”

Answer Source- kabirsinghsain


5. “SRK’s father had a canteen in NSD so SRK’s dad was friends with most of the big names in theatre and character acting. His mother knew Dilip Kumar’s family and SRK had met them many times even before entering show business. Still, he somehow sold us a bs story about making it without zero connections. I doubt it.”

Answer Source- kabirsinghsaini2


6. “We are just good friends.”

Answer Source- Salt-Ad4780


7. “For me, it’s the lies that numerous stars have made about ‘all I use for my face is ice cubes/Haldi dhai/I rub daal on my face lol. It’s so ridiculous. They spend so much money on their looks. You don’t get to the top by rubbing haldi on your face. They have access to the best dermatologists, estheticians, surgeons, makeup artists, etc.”

Answer Source- LevyMevy


8. “In the 1990s and 2000s, a lot of actresses used to say they don’t work out or go to the gym and that they were major foodies. They were incredibly blessed with good metabolism. Thankfully, today’s actresses are more truthful. Deepika for instance, says she loves food, and her dietician allows her to eat what she likes but in a very restricted manner (only 2 idlis or only 1 dosa).”

Answer Source- Jy_sunny

deepika padukone working out in gym

9. “The biggest lie of all time for me is Govinda in Avatar.”

Answer Source- tsr0897

Govinda in Avatar

10. “Abhishek saying his Papa did nothing for him will always make him laugh. He truly wants us to believe that being Big B’s son had zero impact on him. He is so mediocre in every way. lol.”

Answer Source- LevyMevy


11. “Every Bollywood actress conveniently weighs between 55 to 59 kgs. It’s completely ok if you weigh more than that too, at least own up to it.”

Answer Source- Adorable-Winter-2968

Bollywood celebrities weight transformation- Sara Ali Khan

12. “It takes 3 years to digest a protein shake, AK”

Answer Source- ironside-420


13. Parineeti Chopra- According to reports, during a promotional event for her film in May 2017, Parineeti spoke to a few kids about her struggles as a teenager. She went on to say how her family was not financially stable and she had to face ‘eve-teasing’ in her school. Later, one guy from her school in Ambala took to social media to unveil the truth.


14. Katrina Kaif- Age might not just be a number for Bollywood celebs. Here’s how Katrina Kaif got caught. In one of her interviews, Katrina said that when the Berlin Wall fell she was eight, and the incident took place in the year 1989. On record, her date of birth was 1983. What’s the real deal here then? one has to check.


15. “Use cucumber, strawberry, malai and other leftovers from dinner and breakfast on your face, if you want to look like us. ~ Yours truly Ms. Namaste Ali Khan and Ms. Kylie Lite.”

Answer source- NotDelusional01

sara ali khan jhanvi kapoor

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