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Have you sometimes wondered how the role would be better if it were played by someone else? Well, it’s the same for filmmakers, they all have their choices about celebs or actors playing certain characters. However, sometimes their first choice does not work out as the actors ask for an exuberant amount of money.

But not all filmmakers can designate such a high value for specific roles and so they have to move on to another actor who will be willing to work under their prescribed budget.

Here is a list of celebs who lost out on really big films because of their insanely high fee demands: 

1. Kareena Kapoor:

When we think of ‘Naina’ in the movie, ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’ we immediately think of the specs, the dimples, and the almost innocent and childlike aura of Preity Zinta in the film. It almost seems like the role was meant to be played by her. However, Kareena was the first option but was needed up being dropped because she reportedly demanded twice the amount that she usually charged at the time. 

2. Sonakshi Sinha: 

Female Celebs who asked high fees and lost really good movies, catch details

Sonakshi was approached to play opposite Salman Khan in the movie ‘Kick’ but the deal did not go through because her fee demands were sky-high. There were even talks of Deepika Padukone being on the ropes for the role but it eventually ended with Jacqueline Fernandes getting the role. 

3. Madhuri Dixit Nene: 

Madhuri made a comeback to the big screen with her movie ‘Aaja Nachle’ and even before the release of the film she was reportedly being approached by many filmmakers to be a part of their films. Several reports came out regarding the films stating that she has demanded 5 crores for each of those films and in turn, she lost numerous projects due to her high demands. 

4. Sridevi: 

Sridevi was approached by the filmmakers to play the role of ‘Queen Sivgami’ in the movie ‘Baahubali’. As you know the movie was a blockbuster and a huge box office hit and was extremely well received by the audience. However, she lost out on the opportunity to play the character as the filmmakers were unable to pay the 6 crores that she had demanded to play the role.


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