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When I was younger, I used to watch all the Bollywood award functions from beginning to end and for that, I am deeply apologetic. You see, I didn't I was encouraging things that will progressively become worse. 

And that they'll start coming up with the most bizarre categories of awards like 'I am more than a star, I am a galaxy' (that's not a real thing but it could be). You have to read the lest below to believe me.  

1. Nothing To Hide award - 2017

Didn't we totally admire Kriti Sanon for having nothing to hide in 2016? You don't remember? She was SO GOOD at it, they gave her an award for the same (jk, it was brand endorsement).

You can watch the video for the award announcement here. The way they don't reveal the winner always makes me laugh. 

2. Best Silent and Powerful Performance (OTT) - 2021

I won't assume there was much competition in this category, since it doesn't seem like an either-or situation. Your performance has to be silent and then, powerful. Good for Bobby. 

3. The 'Beauty' section of the Lux Golden Rose awards - 2017

So the Lux Golden Rose Awards 2017 had multiple bizarre sub-categories in the beauty section. These included: Versatile Beauty, Charismatic Beauty, Unstoppable Beauty, Emerging Beauty, Power-Packed Beauty, Timeless Beauty and Legendary Beauty. 

Basically, they took the word beauty and added every possible adjective before it. 

4. I Am More Than You Can See award - 2017

What speech do you make after winning this? Just, absurd!

kareena kapoor khan at awrad show
Source: Hindustan Times

5. Best Superstar of Next Gen - 2016

'Best superstar', compared to who? What are the parameters? Also, next generation? We're into the prediction business now? I have so many questions!

6. Most Beautiful Man of the Decade - 2017

Vogue, during one of its events, gave this award to Akshay Kumar. I see no reason why they'd do this except to get Twinkle Khanna to write something about the same. 

Which, I just learned (literally 2 seconds ago), that she did. She made him Akshay read a speech that she wrote. Hey, I am getting good at this. 

7. 20 Years Best Actor (Male and Female) - 2019

How to give an award to two big celebs who have just gotten married to each other? Just invent one. Put any random number of years before 'best actor'. 20 years best actor, 10 years best actor, 2.5 years best actor. IIFA, man!

ranveer deepika 20 years best actor
Source: My Good Times

8. Beauty Tastemaker award - 2019

The word they were looking for was, 'trendsetter'. Anyway. 

9. Honorary Millennial of the Year - 2019

Karan Johar won this award, which is so fascinating because if he made a movie on award shows, this is exactly what I'd expect it to be named.

10. Extraordinary Legend award - 2018

Only one question: How do you decide if one legend is more 'extraordinary' than the other? Like, are there any rules to this or people are doing whatever they want? Okay, nevermind. 

Is there an award for the weirdest award?

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