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Let's face it, weight loss is hard, annoying, soul-crushing and has made many a man ugly cry while craving Cheetos. It takes tremendous mental strength to embark on the gruelling journey and once you do, it's only human to look up to your favourite celebrities for advice. After all, they have your dream body, so they know must know what they're doing. Let me prove you wrong.

Here are some of the dumbest things celebrities have said about weight loss:

1. Nushrat Bharucha wants you to quit everything but air. 

In an interview, the Pyaar Ka Punchnama actress basically advised her fans to quit ...everything? if they wanted to get into shape. No really, her list of no-no's included: salt, sugar, milk, atta, and these just a few. Silver lining: at least we can still have air!

2. Padma Lakshmi basically starves in the name of detox. 

You'd think the host of a popular cooking show would know a thing or two about food. Wrong! On the contrary, Padma Lakshmi is very vocal about “detoxing” as a means to lose weight. The Top Chef icon revealed, “I give up a lot - no wheat, no red meat, no sugar, no dairy, no fried foods and no alcohol.” The internet was quick to dub it a "starvation diet" instead of a cleanse. 

Top Chef Host
Source: Prevention Magazine

3. Ayushman Khurana thinks one scoop of protein powder takes three years to digest.

In an interview with self-taught fitness YouTuber BeerBiceps, Ayushman murdered science by claiming one scoop of protein powder takes a whopping three years to digest. Not only is the preposterous claim hilarious but also biologically impossible. Nothing can last in your gut for that long. If it does, please go see a doctor ASAP.

Source: YouTube

4. Akshay Kumar claims protein powders are bad but dairy is good.

While the actor has always been a staunch advocate for dairy, his advice against supplements is uninformed and misguided. In an interview, he said, “There is a culture among our youth these days of using protein shakes and other supplements. I am really against it and I don’t understand why they take it. People have forgotten to have ghee, milk, dahi, lassi and stopped eating home-cooked food." Does he know whey protein is actually isolated milk solids?

Source: GQ India

5. Also, Akshay Kumar said people who don't work out should kill themselves.

In a viral video, the star told his fans that if they cannot devote an hour to working out, they should simply kill themselves. Yikes! Escalation much?

6. Varun Dhavan thinks you can get 25 grams of protein for zero calories.

Varun Dhavan in a video claimed that Isopure powders provide 25 grams of protein for a whopping zero calories. Sir, we wish! According to the official nutritional label on the website, the company states that 25 grams of protein rounds up to approximately 100 calories.

These brain-dead comments are proof that we are all just human beings trying to survive in a fishbowl of patriarchal ideals. With radically shifting beauty and fitness trends, none of us actually know what we're doing. I want to end with a gentle reminder that society sanctioned beauty standards are utter bullshit. You don't need to lose weight to be beautiful, you already are!


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