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It's a universal fact that art takes inspiration from real-life, and also, inspires real life. This is why we are constantly on the lookout for characters, shows, and moments, that are both, relatable and inspirational. And Kota Factory nails this brief. 

Across the 2 seasons, Kota Factory presents multiple impactful and memorable moments, but one of the finest scenes from the show is when Jeetu bhaiya explains to Sarika Ma'am, why he wishes to hire her as a Chemistry teacher in his institute. 

Jeetu bhaiya leaves Prodigy classes to start his own institute and Sarika Mittal is his first potential hire, to teach Chemistry. When she enquires him about why he picked her, he talks about how, apart from her qualifications, her gender also played a role - but in a good way! 

By hiring a female former IITian, Jeetu bhaiya wanted to give his female students a real glimpse of what their future could look like.

In an ideal world, gender should have no role to play, negative or positive, in deeming a person fit for a job. But in a patriarchal society, women have been sidelined, ignored, and subjugated for so long, that an equal representation is still a dream. 

This is why, one of the first steps in achieving that dream is having allies like Jeetu bhaiya, who think of not only the present generation - but also the future generations!

All images are screenshots from Netflix, unless specified otherwise. 


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