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We've all done it before - watched our favourite movies dubbed in Hindi and deemed it guilty pleasure. So here is a list of our favourite dubbed films, that were better than the original English versions and had us hooked from the first scene. 

1. Deadpool 

Deadpool yelling 'lag gaye' every 20 minutes is what makes this film so brilliant. Some things are better desi, including Deadpool's inner monologue. 

Deadpool hindi dubbed
Source: YouTube

2. Dunston Checks In

Fondly known as Ek Bandar Hotel Ke Andar, if you thought the English version of this film was hilarious then you have a riot coming your way with the Hindi dub. 

Dunston Checks In hindi dub
Source: Amazon

3. Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets

Though every single Harry Potter movie dubbed in Hindi is a masterpiece, this one holds a special place in our hearts. Especially the spell Drishti poornavat that Hermoine uses to fix Harry's glasses - not something we're forgetting anytime soon. 

Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets
Source: YouTube

4. The Mask

"Mohobbat humain tum tak kheech layi hai," he said - with a green mask and a mime outfit. If you grew up watching this film as a kid, you should definitely give the Hindi dub a try. 

The Mask
Source: YouTube

5. Finding Nemo 

Kho Gaya Nemo is one of the most adorable and funny Hindi dubs out there. Dory is fondly called Aunty Dory and there is nothing cuter than Nemo's baby voice. 

Finding Nemo
Source: YouTube

6. Avengers Series

"Yahi toh mera raaz hai Captain, main gussey main hi rehta hoo," because Hulk only gets cooler in this absolutely delightful dub of one of our favourite superhero films of all time. 

Avengers in hindi
Source: YouTube

7. Titanic 

Although the Punjabi dub of this film will have you rolling on the floor laughing, the Hindi version too does a pretty good job at entertaining. 

8. Twilight

If you thought Bella's monologues were overwhelming in English, wait till you hear them in Hindi. "Mujhe pata hai tum kya ho, Vampire," is the highlight of this film. 

Source: YouTube

9. Spider-Man: Homecoming 

"Chala murari hero banne" is hands down Ironman's best dialogue from this film and nothing can ever beat that. 

Spiderman: Homecoming
Source: YouTube

10. Zombieland 

This film is a cult favourite, and dubbed in Hindi it just gets more meme-worthy. The catch phrases are well translated and the accents make for a genuinely good watch. 

Source: YouTube

11. Pirates Of The Caribbean 

Jack Sparrow being iconically whacky in Hindi is something you shouldn't miss. He sounds SRK-ique but that just adds to his charm. 

Pirates Of The Caribbean
Source: YouTube

12. The Spy Next Door

Every Jackie Chan movie is basically perfect, but when Hindi meets those great action sequences and his hilarious one-liners, you get a desi version of him that you'll love watching. 

Source: YouTube

Your next sleepover binge-list. 


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