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The trailer for Laal Singh Chaddha was released on Sunday, May 29. The movie is an official Hindi remake of the award-winning iconic 1994 Hollywood movie, Forrest Gump. Directed by Advait Chandan, the movie stars Aamir Khan, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Naga Chaitanya, and Mona Singh in lead roles.

As the trailer gained traction on social media, we cannot help but spot these 12 similarities between Laal Singh Chaddha and Forrest Gump. Let's see how the makers have Indianized Forrest Gump.

1. The iconic bearded look
The makers of Laal Singh Chaddha definitely got the looks right. Tom Hanks pulled off the bearded Forrest Gump look in 1994 with ease, and now Aamir Khan has pulled it off well.

Tom Hanks
Source: Pinterest
Aamir Khan
Source: Bollywood Hungama

2. The first meeting with the love of their life
Forrest meets Jenny on the school bus and thus, starts their friendship. Laal, on the other hand, meets Rupa in school while he sits next to her.

Forrest and Jenny
Source: YouTube
Laal and Rupa
Source: YouTube

3. The physical disability and the low intelligence
Forrest has leg braces to correct his curved spine. And so does Laal, as is seen in the trailers. For Forrest, his IQ is shown as below average. For Laal, a school father is seen telling his mother how his son is not intelligent enough.

Forrest's IQ
Source: YouTube
Laal's IQ
Source: YouTube

4. Run Forrest Run becomes Bhaag Laal, Bhaag
This iconic dialogue needs no introduction. Jenny yells to Forrest to run and then in a fast forward of sorts we see his growth into a man. Here, Rupa yells the same and miraculously Laal aces through life.

Run Forrest Run
Source: YouTube

Bhaag Laal Bhaag
Source: YouTube

5. The running into a race
With the Run Forrest Run dialogue, Forrest runs into a rugby match. In the Indian version, Laal runs into a marathon.

Forrest runs into a rugby match
Source: YouTube
Laal runs into a marathon
Source: YouTube

6. The army scenes
Forrest is commissioned into the army after he graduates from college. Laal becomes a professional runner and then joins the Indian Army. Just like Forrest had Bubba, Laal has Bubla.

Forrest and Bubba
Source: YouTube
Laal and Bubla
Source: YouTube

7. Scenes with the president
Forrest meets President John F. Kennedy while he's on the All American Football Team. Laal is not in a football team, but the President of the country felicitates him for his contributions as an officer in the army.

Forrest and the president
Source: YouTube
Laal and the president
Source: YouTube

8. First heartbreak by the love of their lives
In a heartbreaking scene, Forrest tells Jenny that he loves her and Jenny replies by saying she likes him. Forrest completes the sentence by saying even then she would not marry him. In our desi version, Laal asks Rupa if she would marry him. Rupa says that she likes him but nothing can ever happen between them.

When Jenny tells Forrest they cannot marry
Source: YouTube
When Rupa tells Laal they cannot marry
Source: YouTube

9. The scenes from war
Forrest serves in the Vietnam war and the movie is infused with scenes from the battleground. Laal also serves in the war and we see war scenes against the backdrop of snow clad mountains.

Vietnam war scenes
Source: YouTube
War scenes in Laal Singh Chaddha
Source: YouTube

10. The table tennis angle
Forrest develops a talent for table tennis and competes against the Chinese teams in a diplomatic match. While there's no diplomacy here, Laal plays table tennis with Rupa at home in the trailer.

Forrest playing table tennis
Source: YouTube
Laal playing table tennis
Source: YouTube

11. The final run scene
Forrest goes running across the country after Jenny leaves him. People join him on the run. Same with Laal, who is joined by people when he runs across Ladakh.

Cross country run by Forrest Gump
Source: Reddit
Laal is joined by people
Source: YouTube

12. Life is a box of chocolates becomes life is like a golgappa
Forrest sits on a park bench and tells the couple sitting next to him how his "mama always said life is like a box of chocolates.” Laal travels on a train, and he talks to his co-passenger and tells them “maa kehti thi zindagi golgappe ki tarah hoti hai.”

Life is like a box of chocolates
Source: YouTube
Life is like golgappa
Source: YouTube

We are excited to see how this official Hindi remake makes us cry just like Forrest Gump did. While the movie is slated to release on August 11, you can watch the trailer here and build your anticipation.

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