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Okay, okay so you’ll say it’s all part of the movie. It was the requirements of the character he was playing. But come on! Even the worst movies these days are blessed with a budget that would shame a Saudi prince and yet, despite being backed by a whole team of professionals, these obvious misfits slip through the cracks. Here are a few that just shouldn’t have seen the light, much less camera or action:

1. That poise. That grace. That… scarf?

Source: Source: Imgkid

2. Vivek Oberoi’s fashion choices in this movie were much like his career. A disaster.

Source: Source: Pixshark

3. Here’s Abhishek Bachchan trying to seduce us all. No! Stahp it Abhishek! STAHP!

Source: Source: Apne.tv

4. Saif, the 80s are not coming back. Just let it go.

Source: Source: Bollywoodmantra

5. Govinda is No.1 at a lot of things. Including dressing like a sci-fi clown.

Source: Source: Cinekhabar

6. See what I mean?

Source: Source: Dainikbhaskar

7. Amitabh Bachchan trying to be a weird cross between Mick Jagger and Jack Sparrow. Classy.

Source: Source: Bollywoodfans

8. Frilly sleeves… Yeah. Super classy.

Source: Source: YouTube

9. It was almost like Hrithik had a ‘No Sleeves’ clause on his contract for this movie.

Source: Source: Pixgood

10. Or maybe they cut down on his wardrobe to make up for all his overacting.

Source: Source: Sulekha

11. I could go on.

Source: Source: Denverwishesh

12. And on.

Source: Source: Blogspot

13. Seriously, did they just run out of cloth?

Source: Source: Bollybrit

14. Here’s a picture Salman Khan didn’t want you to see. This is him trying to cosplay as Conan the Barbarian/He-Man.

Source: Source: Rediff

15. Sunil Shetty showing us that it doesn’t matter what you wear, so long as you’ve got chest hair!

Source: Source: Host2Post

16. Sanjay Dutt dressing up as what he thinks is a magician. Much swag. Very magic. Wow!

Source: Source: AOLBollywood

17. That time when Anil Kapoor misunderstood the meaning of the word “Tashan.”

Source: Source: Bollywoodmantra

18. Twice.

Source: Source: Bollywoodmantra

19. KK looks like he wants a hug. No thanks. And why the hell does your hair look like a rooster’s butt?

Source: Source: Bollywoodmantra

It’s fair to say that Bollywood has got it wrong way too many times, in the pursuit of style. 


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