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Bollywood has always been our inspiration when it comes to love or romance. From wooing us into believing in fairytale romance (dancing on Tum se hi in rains would not be the same for you) to making us hopeless romantic, yeah, Bollywood, I blame you for setting those unrealistic standards! 

But, hey, we loved those little moments. Today, we decided to take a look at the most romantic dates in Bollywood that set a benchmark of great dates for us. 

1. Remember when Bollywood romanticized going on walking dates? This scene from Zindagi Na Milegi Dobra sums up how intensely romantic they can be. Thanks for the inspiration Bollywood.

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2. Firstly, brownie points to Saif and Deepika for their effortless chemistry in Love Aaj Kal. The chor bazaari song puts forth the thought that even doing the most basic things with your partner can be fun!

3. Most heart-to-heart interaction happens with a spectacular view. In this scene, Sid and Aisha go to the top of the roof and have the most vibrant conversations about their lives. Now, this sounds like a perfect date to me.  

4. Masaan was indeed a masterpiece. The thought of falling in love and the beginning of a love story itched with a beautiful view. Now that's what a fairytale romance looks like. 

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5. The story of an intense kind of love that captures obsession, toxicity, self-destruction, and a lot of other things, no doubt Rockstar is flawed. But a date with a breathtaking view and the breezing wind is so romantic, right?

6. Doing things that your partner likes signals a healthy relationship, and this date from Karthik calling Karthik just does that. Even though Karthik seems like an introverted guy, he steps out to have a good time with her love interest Shonali in the film. 

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7. Bollywood movies also idealized bus rides and caught some most honest conversations in between. This heartwarming scene from Ghajini when Sanjay Singhania professes his love to Kalpana on the bus is proof.

8. They say it's not the destination that matters but the journey. And Bollywood movies have fetched this thought very well. Like Naina rightly strikes the chord in our hearts, "Jitna bhi try karo Bunny life me kuch na kuch toh chootega hi. Toh jahan ho wahin ka mazaa lete hai".

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