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The Bollywood industry has always kept fans captivated, not only through groundbreaking films and content, but also through the real lives of the industry’s celebrities.

While the different celebrity hookup and love affair stories have always been a key source of pleasure for us, these stories have tended to increase insignificantly in the last few years.


And in such a situation, there have been times when we have overlooked significant celebrity romance stories.

Yes, in today’s piece, we’ll tell you about some of the legendary actress Sonali Bendre’s lesser-known relationships and love affairs.

Various celebs were madly in love with the actress at the time, therefore we’ll reveal her linkup stories before her marriage to Goldie Behl with this.

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Sonali is a famous veteran actress whose hypnotic beauty and appearances in cult classics such as Hum Saath Saath Hain took millions of hearts away.


However, in 2018, this well-known actress from the 1990s shocked the nation with the tragic news of her unexpected metastatic cancer diagnosis.

Sonali’s most recent appearance in the film Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara, in which she played Mumtaz with Khiladi actor Akshay Kumar, wowed fans.

She also became a judge on India’s Best Dramebaaz, an Indian reality show, which she departed in halfway.

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Though we secretly yearn to see more of this stunning actress on TV, we already know all of the key things about her.

Let’s take a peek at some of the notable people who were smitten by the actress.

Sunil Shetty


Suniel Shetty, the legendary veteran actor, is still recognised by fans for his cult performances in Bollywood blockbusters such as Dhadkan, Border, Main Hoon Na, and others.

Sunil has a career spanning more than 25 years and has appeared in over 100 films, not just as an actor but also as an entrepreneur and producer.

The actor owns the production company Popcorn Entertainment Private Limited, which is responsible for the films Rakht and Bhagam Bhag.

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This actor’s astonishing metamorphosis in recent years has stunned fans, as he has entirely transformed himself and now appears to be crazily beautiful.


Did you know, though, that he secretly wished to spend his life with his co-star Sonali Bendre? Sonali and Suniel had previously worked together in films such as Sapoot, Bhai, Takkar, and Qahar.

During this time, the actress Sonali confessed that she had a huge crush on the actor, but because he was already married to Mana, she preferred to remain a silent admirer.

Aside from her, the actor admitted to had married the actress if he wasn’t already married to Mana.

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Raj Thackeray


Raj Shrikant Thackeray is a well-known Indian politician and the leader of the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena, a regional political organisation (MNS).

This well-known politician is reported to be head over heels in love with the actress, and the two are claimed to have dated for a short time.

Furthermore, if rumours are to be believed, the actress has reportedly received offers from the Bollywood sector exclusively as a result of her relationship with this politician.

However, because Raj was already married, there was an adulterous affair between the two of them.

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Despite being sincerely and madly in love with the actress, Raj was unable to marry her due to his uncle, Bal Thackrey, who was adamant that their marriage would harm their political image. As a result, the two decided to separate ways.

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Govind Arun Ahuja, known in the industry as Govinda, was also rumoured to be in love with Sonali Bendre.

This Indian actor, dancer, and comedian is most known for his performances in Hindi-language films.

This actor, who has received numerous major nominations and accolades throughout the years, was said to be in love with actress Sonali Bendre.

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To clear things up, Govinda stated in an interview that if he wasn’t married to Sunita, he would have married Sonali. Isn’t it surprising?

Shoaib Akhtar


Shoaib Akhtar, a former Pakistani cricketer and commentator, is regarded as one of the fastest bowlers in international cricket history.

Despite the fact that Shoaib Khan married Rubab Khan on November 11, 2014, he is said to have a tremendous crush on Bollywood actress Sonali Bendre.

The batsman never shied away from expressing his love for the actress, and he became so passionate about it that he declared that if she did not approve of his feelings for her, he would kidnap her!

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Not only that, but Shoaib’s co-cricketers were well aware of his vexing love for Sonali, and the cricketer used to have a picture of her in his wallet at all times!

Despite his intense feelings for Sonali, it appears that fate had other plans for the couple, as Shoaib married Rubab and Sonali married Goldie Behl.

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Goldie Behl


Goldie Behl, the actress’s husband, takes the last and final position on the list.

When they met on the set of the film Naaraaz in 1999, they were claimed to have had love at first sight and fell in love right away.

Shrishti, Goldie’s sister, was instrumental in introducing the two.

When asked about their early connection, Goldie revealed that he had no idea who the actress was when they met.

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Over the actress’s leisurely eating habit, the two became close and on speaking terms.


This was the icebreaker conversation between the two when, while eating lunch together, Goldie made a remark about the actress’s habit, and despite being chastised for it, the two grew closer.

According to Goldie, the majority of their interactions have thus far revolved solely about food!

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