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VFX is a gift to films because it allows for many scenes that can be risky or difficult to execute. Have you ever looked at a certain scene and started thinking’ How did they do that? It’s very popular in Hollywood because they come with superhero stories and are getting huge collections of box offices.

Bollywood is no exception here as a few recent movies have used VFX in the best possible way. They add a certain amount of truth to the scene that will amaze the viewer to see this. We’ve recruited a couple of prominent scenes and compared them with videos behind the scenes to give you a brief idea of how Bollywood film is filmed.

Here are some of the iconic moments from Bollywood movies created by VFX that will change your perspective towards the scene.

1) The fight scene in Once Upon a Time In Mumbai

You have to recall the railway track fight scene in Once Upon a Time In Mumbai. Especially when a train comes and the hero was fighting the villain, there were amazing moments in the battle. Well, there was no train on the shoots and with the aid of a green screen, it was completely shot.

2) The Railway Scene in Kick

Ever thought of how Bhai made that iconic scene wherein swag he crossed the railroad track. There were no trains, and a green screen was used to film his walk. Later in post-production, the train was added digitally.

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3) The bike chase in OMG! Oh My God

Scene of the chase in OMG! Oh MY God was taken using a green screen. The bike was flying with all its power, cutting all that traffic from Mumbai.

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4) The balcony scene in Cocktail

You saw Deepika grooving on the movie cocktail in her balcony. You shouldn’t be jealous because in post-production it was added. The balcony was nothing more than a set-piece.

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5) The walk-on train in Ra.One

In the film Ra. One, Shah Rukh Khan played the role of a superhero. There is one scene in the film where Shah Rukh Khan jumped from one train to another, climbing and running on the top of the train. Okay… that was filmed using a green screen.

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6) Aeroplane in Special 26

Showing Aeroplane in the background seems to waste money and is expensive for Special 26 filmmakers. He went on to digitally create the plane in post-production instead of shooting backdrop with a real Aeroplane. These days, filmmakers are truly smart.

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7) The song sequence in Chandni Chowk To China

The song Tere Naina from the movie Chandni Chowk To China has one stunning moment. This is the scene in which Deepika and Akshay travel across China on a paraglider. We know that is definitely not feasible unless modern technology is developed to use a green screen before they have the technology.

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8) The stadium in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

You’ve seen the entire stadium cheering for Milkha Singh while he was running the race. Okay, not one single person watched the race. Throughout post-production, the crowd was generated digitally. Yet, in the cinema halls, we were all shouting.

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9) The hanging scene in Ready

There’s a scene hanging from the branch in the ready where Salman Khan and Asin were. If it were real actors could have lost their lives. The film has also been fantastic and funny if you consider the footages behind the scene.

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10) The sunset scene of Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone’s Chennai Express

We know the king of romance is Shah Rukh Khan, and why is he so? Because of not sunset, orange sky, but a green screen. He clearly persuaded us it was all true. The technology is simply adding elegance to the scene.

I hope this discovery doesn’t trick you. We would believe anything shown on the projector because films are what taught us to dream. But let’s not forget that we respect technology.

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