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Couples in Bollywood are simply regular individuals trying to make their relationship work while constantly being in the spotlight. While everyone desires for their love storey to come to a happy conclusion, not everyone does. Here are 5 celebrity couples who most likely tried to make a live-in relationship work but finally broke up:

Bipasha Basu & John Abraham

Bipasha and John were a very progressive pair who were a perfect example of working out a relationship on their own terms. They were one of the hottest couples of the early 2000s era. They had been living together for a long time and the abrupt break-up startled and upset people after they had been together for over 9 years.

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Katrina Kaif & Ranbir Kapoor

While Katrina is rumoured to be marrying Vicky Kaushal next month, Ranbir is happily married to Alia Bhatt. Prior to their present relationship state, the two stars were dating and had a long-term live-in relationship before breaking up.

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Ankita Lokhande & Sushant Singh

While filming on Pavitra Rishta, the two actors fell in love and eventually moved in together. Despite the fact that they dissolved their relationship after a few years of commitment, Ankita continued to profess her love for the late Sushant Singh, who died last year.

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Abhay Deol & Preeti Desai

This incredibly attractive and discreet couple dated for a few years before moving in together. While they eventually broke up, it was said to be amicably.

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Aditya Pancholi & Kangana Ranaut

Aditya Pancholi is rumoured to have taken Kangana Ranaut under his wing when she first arrived in Bollywood. Spell the breakup was messy and Kangana accused him of continually misbehaving, the two did live together for a while.

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