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 One of the largest centres of film production in the world, Bollywood is known for the number of movies it churns out in a year. Over time, Indian filmmakers have made some exceptional films that have redefined the way the global market looks at Indian cinema. Despite this, many Bollywood makers blatantly copy scenes from Hollywood films without batting an eyelid. The movie idea might be original but there a few scenes that are literally copy-pasted from Hollywood films. The director might call it inspiration but the scenes we've listed down here make a true case of plagiarism. 

7 Popular Bollywood scenes that were ripped off Hollywood

1. Sherlock Holmes's fighting scene in Dabangg

Salman Khan movies are known for their action sequences. Khan's movie has visually appealing fight scenes that get whistles from the audience. In 2009, Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law's Sherlock Holmes was released. In 2010, Abhinav Kashyap decided to pick the fight sequence and use it in Dabangg without any alterations. The only change Kashyap made in the scene was where Khan uses blood to distract Sonu Sood while Sherlock uses a handkerchief. From the style of punching to smashing, everything is copied frame by frame. 

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2. Friend's airplane scene in Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya 

For some reason, the movies Salman Khan stars in often find inspiration from the west. Khan and Arshad Warsi's popular movie Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya has a scene that was lifted from cult sitcom Friends. The scene where Arshad Warsi asks Sushmita Sen to get off the plane is exactly replicated from Phoebe and Rachel's conversation where Phoebe asks Rachel to get off the plane. Well, the maker did add a third character which wasn't part of the original screenplay.

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3. Road Trip's jumping the bridge scene in Dhamaal

Dhamaal changed the dynamics of Indian comedy films. Released in 2007, the movie went on to gain a huge following and still is enjoyed by the viewers. One of the most loved scenes from the movie is when four guys decide to jump the collapsed bridge. The entire scene is plagiarised from Todd Philip's movie Road Trip which was released in 2000. 

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4. Hitch's office desk scene in Partner

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Remember the tackle between Salman Khan and Govinda in Partner that was released in 2007? The scene was copied from the 2005 film, Hitch starring Will Smith and Kevin James. Sony Pictures also went on to file a lawsuit worth $30-million suit against both the Indian producers for copyright infringements. It was the first time an international film company took legal action against an Indian entertainment company for plagiarism, as per The Economic Times. Later, the matter was settled.

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5. The Matrix's Shootout Scene in Awara Pagal Deewana

The iconic scene from The Matrix where Neo invades the building, revealing that he has tons of guns, is a masterpiece. While the scene made absolute sense in the first installment of The Matrix in 1999, it made no sense when it was copied in Akshay Kumar's 2002 Awara Pagal Deewana

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6. Night at Museum's slap monkey scene in Housefull

In 2006, Ben Stiller's Night at the Museum came as a refreshing watch. The movie not only gained popularity in Hollywood but was loved overseas as well. The slap money scene became one of the most loved sequences. In 2010, director Sajid Khan, using creative freedom duplicated the same scene with Akshay Kumar in Housefull.

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7. Mission Impossible 2's Watch The Road Scene In Dilwale

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Tom Cruise's Mission Impossible 2, or MI:2 is the actor's most successful franchise. The movie makes for a brilliant watch if you are a true Cruise fan. In 2015, Rohit Shetty recreated the Tom Cruise and Thandie Newton's car racing scene with Shahrukh Khan and Kajol in the movie Dilwale. Rest, we all know what happened to the film at the box office. 

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