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The marriage of Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna, one of the Bollywood’s cute couples, has just completed 19 years. The duo has frequent discussions. Even on social media, Akshay Kumar is always uploading pictures and videos, thereby estimating the interesting relationship between the two. We show you their love story on the marriage anniversary of both.

Akshay and Twinkle Khanna have worked together in some films. During an interview, Akshay Kumar said that he and Twinkle first met during a photoshoot of the Filmfare. Akshay was liked as soon as he saw the twinkle. During the shooting of the film ‘International Khiladi’ came closer. In an interview, Twinkle Khanna said that when she started dating Akshay, she was out of a long relationship and she wanted to have fun with someone for a while.

According to Twinkle, he made Akshay his boyfriend for only 15 days. The two spent some time together and then decided to get married.

In another interview, Akshay said that when he went to meet Dimple Kapadia in her house to ask for Twinkle’s hand, Dimple realized at that time that he was a homos3xu@l and it would endanger her daughter’s life.

Because of this, Dimple Kapadia had conditioned Akshay Kumar that he would have to remain in a live-in relationship with Twinkle for a year. The decision of the marriage will be made thereafter. Akshay-Dimple was finally married a year later. After the wedding Twinkle said goodbye to the film career.

Twinkle Khanna is popular today as a writer. Twinkle writes ‘Mrs. Funny Bones’. Besides writing articles in newspapers, she is also writing books. Akshay, who is sometimes in the debate because of his affairs, is quite a family man today.

Akshay Kumar had accepted all pre-marriage relationships, and also said that after marriage, his whole focus was on his family.


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