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Preity Zinta is one of the popular actresses in the Bollywood film industry. She has also acted in a few Tollywood films also. However, the Indian actress and entrepreneur is primarily known for her work in Bollywood.

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In fact, she graduated with degrees in English honours and criminal psychology. After that, she made her acting debut in Dil Se.. in 1998 and the rest is history. She went on to become one of the successful actresses in Bollywood where she won several accolades.

Preity Zinta has a massive fan-following in India. From acting to producing, to being the co-owner of a cricket team, to being a television host, Preity Zinta has done it all. She is among the most popular and beloved actresses in Bollywood.

When 12-yr-old Preity Zinta stuffed oranges in her mom's bra, find out why

The star of ‘Kal Ho Na Ho,’ married Gene Goodenough, an American businessman, on February 28, 2018. It took the couple five years of dating before they got married in the United States. They met in Santa Monica, Los Angeles.

Aside from being known for her success, Preity is also known for her lavish lifestyle, which can be seen in her luxury car collection, multi-core properties, and “business trips”. Meanwhile, the Bollywood actress shared one of the stories from her naughty childhood.

When 12-yr-old Preity Zinta stuffed oranges in her mom’s bra

“It intrigued me to know what was happening behind those closed doors. I asked my mom once that ‘even I want to come for this party’. She said, ‘no, children below 18 are not allowed.’ I must have been 12. So I went to my mom’s cupboard, took out her bra and stuffed it up with oranges.

When 12-yr-old Preity Zinta stuffed oranges in her mom's bra, find out why

I went outside to the club and stood like this (gesturing at her chest) and said, ‘I am 18, can I go in’. A guy kept looking at me.” Preity Zinta further added, “My mom got so upset with me, my god, she got really upset.”

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