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 Sita Ramam starring Dulquer (image courtesy of Vyjayanthi Movies)

Sita Ramam starring Dulquer (image courtesy of Vyjayanthi Movies)
Sita Ramam had an excellent hold in the second week at the Indian box office, grossing Rs. 18.50 crores, which is a drop of just 40 per cent from the first week. The two weeks total of the movie is almost Rs. 50 crores, earning over Rs. 20 crores share. Internationally the film has grossed another $1.50 million, for a worldwide total of Rs. 61 crores approx so far.
The second-week hold was helped by the extended weekend for Independence day but even without those holds were very strong, with both second Wednesday and Thursday dropping less than 50 per cent from last week. The film will probably collect another Rs. 5 crores in its third weekend and will likely close around Rs. 60 crores final, which is especially impressive considering less than Rs. 4 crores opening day it had.
The box office collections of Sita Ramam at the Indian box office are as follows:
Week One - Rs. 30.75 crores
Friday - Rs. 2.25 crores
Saturday - Rs. 3.50 crores
Sunday - Rs. 4 crores
Monday - Rs. 4 crores
Tuesday - Rs. 1.75 crores
Wednesday - Rs. 1.60 crores
Thursday - Rs. 1.40 crores
Total - Rs. 49.25 crores
Sita Ramam has performed well in the original Telugu version in AP/TS but the real overperformance came for Tamil and Malayalam dubbed versions, with the former heading for Rs. 10 crores plus full run in Tamil Nadu. The second week dropped less than 10 per cent from the first week in Tamil Nadu, though there was a bigger drop on Thursday due to a new release. 
The territorial breakdown for the box office collections of Sita Ramam in India is as follows:
Nizam - Rs. 12.10 crores (Rs. 5 crores share)
Ceeded - Rs. 3 crores (Rs. 1.40 crores share)
Andhra - Rs. 14.40 crores (Rs. 6.80 crores share)
AP/TS - Rs. 29.50 crores (Rs. 13.20 crores share)
Karnataka - Rs. 4 crores (Rs. 1.60 crore share)
Tamil Nadu - Rs. 8.90 crores (Rs. 3.40 crores share)
Kerala - Rs. 6.25 crores (Rs. 2.40 crores share) 
Rest of India - Rs. 60 lakhs (Rs. 25 lakhs share)
India - Rs. 49.25 crores (Rs. 20.85 crores share)

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