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In today’s post, we are going to introduce you to some of the star kids of Bollywood who look like their parents in terms of looks and facial cuts and sometimes even have their fans in Star Kids.

Ibrahim Ali Khan (Saif Ali Khan) The first name on the list is Ibrahim Ali Khan, son of Pataudi Nawab actor Saif Ali Khan of Bollywood, who is the son of Saif Ali Khan’s first wife Amrita Singh.

Talking about Ibrahim, he looks like a carbon copy of Saif Ali Khan in terms of appearance and face cutting and whenever these two are seen together, Ibrahim’s face looks like a very young Saif Ali Khan.

Sara Ali Khan (Amrita Singh) Leading the list is Sala Ali Khan, one of the rising actresses of Bollywood, who has become very beautiful and glamorous today.

But if we look at the face of Sara Ali Khan, the cutting of her face is very similar to that of mother Amrita Singh, who is the first wife of actor Saif Ali Khan. Let me tell you, many fans were also surprised to see Sara in her debut film Kedarnath, as she looked exactly like her mother Amrita.

Jhanvi Kapoor (Sridevi) The list also includes another emerging Bollywood actress Jahnavi Kapoor, who just doesn’t look very pretty today.

But today he is also counted among the most popular star kids of Bollywood. As far as Jhanvi is concerned, she has mostly gone to her mother Sridevi in ​​terms of appearance, and Jhanvi’s face also seems to be very similar to that of her mother Sridevi, as fans of both Jhanvi and Sridevi often say.

Aryan Khan (Shahrukh Khan) Aryan Khan, the son of veteran Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan, who has appeared in many news and headlines about dragass in the past, is also included in this list.

And you will hardly be surprised to see his name in this list because Aryan Khan is in his own right. The father looks like a carbon copy of Shah Rukh, and his face mostly matches that of Shah Rukh Khan.

Taimur Ali Khan (Kareena Kapoor Khan) Taimur Ali Khan, the son of the glamorous Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor, who gained tremendous popularity at a very young age, is often talked about because of his cute look and innocence.

Speaking of Timur, he has mostly gone to his mother Kareena Kapoor in terms of color and facial cuts. Childhood photos of Timur and Kareena have been seen many times on social media, in which both look almost identical.


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