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The Bollywood film industry is considered to be the biggest industry. Artists working within it have always been a topic of discussion. Recently, Bollywood’s most beautiful actress Madhuri Dixit celebrated her 51st birthday. She has been working in Bollywood for over 34 years. Today, she is considered one of the legendary actresses of Bollywood.

Madhuri Dixit has given many beautiful films in her film career. Not only that but she is currently working in many films and she still rules the hearts of thousands of people today.

But you may be surprised to know that at one point Madhuri Dixit sent a marriage proposal to musician Suresh Wadkar. But even more annoying is that the musician did not accept her offer.

When Madhuri Dixit’s family was interviewed, she said that her family does not consider Madhuri working in Bollywood. For this, her family members once sent Madhuri Dixit’s biodata to the musician.

In fact, the musician was 18 years older than Madhuri Dixit but the musician and his family members wanted Madhuri Dixit to marry the musician.

But at that time, Madhuri Dixit’s proposal was rejected by musician Suresh and then he married the Padma, who was 18 years younger than him. He currently has 2 daughters with his wife. Suresh has given superhit songs in many films.

Suresh has acted in more than 30 films so far. But when Suresh turned down Madhuri Dixit’s offer, Madhuri started working in Bollywood, and today she is even more famous than Suresh.


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