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 Gaslighting is still a hushed topic in the lives of many. Many people, especially, women are unknowingly victims of emotional abuse, which is a form of gaslighting. Gaslight was first coined in the movie – Gaslight, which was released in 1944. And after that, there are many popular gaslighting movies about abusive relationships. But sadly, most of them fail to give a clear message.

Let’s look at some movies about gaslighting that correctly showcase what a problematic behavior pattern looks like.


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Movies On Gaslighting That Are Must-Watch

1. Gaslight (1944)

Set in the era of the 1940s, this movie was way ahead of its time. Ingrid Bergman and Charles Boyer starrer film show how a husband manipulates his wife to the extent that she begins to doubt her sanity and finds herself tangled in strange situations. This is one of the finest examples of gaslighting movies.


2. The Changeling (2008)

Based on a true story, The Changeling is about a mother whose 9-year-old son goes missing. She reports about the case and the police department (one of the culprits) hands a boy and claims that he is her son. When she denies and protests against it, they prove her crazy and lock her up in a psychiatric ward. Another example of gaslighting movies!

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3. Unsane (2018)

With the instances of stalking and abusive relationships,  the psychological horror drama Unsane is about a woman who has been gaslighted. Everyone is determined to make her believe that she has lost her mind and eventually put her in a mental health treatment facility centre.


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4. Enough (2002)

The movie stars the very talented Jennifer Lopez in a role of a woman struggling in an abusive relationship. In the beginning, the marriage seemed to be a perfect, but later she discovered the completely unknown side of her marriage. This particular gaslighting movie had a happy ending as the protagonist chose to fight back.


5. Sleeping With The Enemy (1991)

Based on a 1987 novel by Nancy Price, this movie revolves around domestic violence and gaslighting. For the world, the couple seems to be the happiest couple. But in reality, things are way different. To escape her abusive husband, the wife fakes her death. In this psycho-thriller movie about an abusive relationship, the husband controls his wife’s every move and blames her for everything.


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Some more movies on Gaslighting

6. Kabir Singh (2019)

Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Adwani’s Kabir Singh is a misogynistic gaslighting movie. Kiara Advani aka Priti is gaslighted by her toxic boyfriend in name of love in every second scene.


7. Your Reality (2019)

This is a psychological short film created to bring awareness about gaslighting. In the 21- minute-film about gaslighting, the boyfriend controls and manipulates his girlfriend. He isolates her from everyone else. If you can steal 21 minutes from your schedule, do watch it. It talks about the dangerous mental abuse faced by some.

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8. Invisible Man (2020)

The Invisible Man is the story of a crazy scientist who fakes his death and makes himself invisible. He follows his ex-girlfriend and makes everyone believe that she has lost her sanity. He abuses her, terrorizes her, but nobody believes the girl.


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9. English Vinglish (2012)

English Vinglish featuring Sri Devi talks about a different kind of emotional abuse. Many married Indian women lose confidence as they face gaslighting from their own husbands and kids. And, this powerful movie highlights the very same emotional abuse and how the protagonist found a way to find her lost confidence and dignity!


10. Girl on the train (2021)

This movie is based on Paula Hawkins’; 2015 novel. It shows how a wife is gaslighted by her husband her for many years. She lost herself so much that she can’t depend on her very own judgement.

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