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When it comes to Bollywood stars, Bobby Deol is a living legend. He is the son of legendary actor Dharmendra and his first wife, Prakash Kaur. Bobby has been in a number of films and is known for his unique look and a lot of ability.

However, he has also done several really uncomfortable scenes in his films, which have made him subjected to many memes. Today, we bring to you a list that proves that Bobby Deol is way ahead of all of us.

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Bobby knew how to hack bank accounts before the facility of net banking was available.

Bobby used highly advanced gadgets even before they were invented.

Bobby trained the best cricket umpires of the wo

Bobby was aware of the coronavirus back in 1999!

11 Images That Prove Bobby Deol Is The World's Most Iconic Celebrity

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Bobby is so famous that even Hollywood imitates him.

Bobby was so macho that he could take down a tiger.

Bobby was a big player who knew how to seduce actresses!

Bobby used to have a time machine!

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Lord Bobby used a Go-Pro camera long before it was invented.

Bobby Deol was a master chef too!

Bobby Deol executed the deadliest April Fool’s prank in his movie.


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