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Recently, the one thing that has been trending consistently on social media is Brahmastra. While some may have applauded the visual effects, there are many who are being left disappointed by this 410 Crore multi-starrer movie. The movie starred Ranbir as Shiva and Alia as Isha along with Amitabh Bachchan as Guruji. The movie also had actors like Mouni Roy, Nagarjuna and SRK.  Even after such a talented cast, the makers failed to create magic at the screen. Among many things that left the audience disappointed, cringe, weird and shitty dialogues is the most discussed aspect about Brahmastra. Here are 12 cringe dialogues from Brahmastra that left many so disappointed in the movie:

Cringe Brahmastra Dialogues That Left Many Disappointed

1. When Isha (Alia) gets burn scar on her arm


Shiva: Tumne bataya nahin tumhe lagi hai

Isha: ….

Shiva: Itni jaldi jal gayi mere pyar mein

*Cringe* *Cringe*

2. When Shiva (Ranbir) makes a fatal attempt to explain Roshni


Shiva: Roshni ek Light hai… Light woh roshni hai jo sabke andheron se badi hai

Wow..Roshni is light and light is roshni! Seriously, very badly written dialogues! 

3. When Shiva explains what Brahmastra is


Shiva: Brahmastra ek Pizza hai, Pizza jaisa gol hai

Internet is wondering how makers thought this weirdest and stupidest way of explaining Brahmastra was a good idea?

4. And then the patakha dialogue


Kids: Chalo Shiva Bhaiyaa pathake phodte hain

One of the kids: Unko inn patakho ki zarurat kya, wo toh khud apne saath patakha laaye hain

5. Disappointed netizens feel that they could have written better dialogues


Isha: Guruji, Shiva uth kyu nahi raha hai

Guruji: Woh so raha hai kyuki uski shaktiyan jaag rahi hai

6. There were times when dialogues made no sense


Isha: Tumhare woh do killers piche hai

Shiva: Vo mere killers nahi hai, woh killers uss truck mein baithe hai, Sir woh killers aapke peeche hain

7. The infamous button dialogue


Shiva: Meri powers ka ek button hai, woh abhi off hai, ussey on sirf saccha pyaar hi kar sakta hai or woh button hai Isha, Isha mera button hai

This dialogue has disappointed so many of us. How could you even attempt of making multi-starrer blockbuster with such weird dialogues.

8. When Guruji gave Brahmansh membership to Shiva


Guruji: Tum Brahmansh ka member ban jao; Mein tumhe DJ se Dragon bana dunga

9. Another sad dialogue


Isha: Shiva tum saans lo mai gaadi chalati hoon

It’s quite disappointing how Alia’s talent has been completely wasted in this movie.

10. When Guruji displays his powers


Guruji: Button no. 1 – Show offing

Can someone tell the makers Show offing isn’t even a word?

11. When Shiva expresses his feelings


Isha: Shiva Tum mujhse aur kya chhupa rahe ho

Shiva: Aur kuch nahi. Bas. I love you.

Isha forgets that she got creeped out with him catching fire and not getting burnt minutes ago.

12. When Shiva refused to have FIRE power


Shiva: Yeh jo fire power hai, mujhe nahi chaiye.

Isha: Kyun Shiva?

Shiva: Kyunki tum ho meri life mein Isha.

What do you think about these Brahmastra dialogues? Tell us in the comments below.

*Images courtesy: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures; Dharma Productions


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