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Once in a while, we witness certain scenes in a film or show which stays with us even after we walk out of the theater. Since we hardly watched any films in theaters in past few years, let's say after we shut down our laptop. Either the scene is hauntingly close to reality or so brilliantly performed that it seems true.  

Whatever the reason may be, these are actually the parts which make these films and series memorable, the ones you keep playing in your head.

Have a look at the most powerful and heartbreaking moments that stayed with us in 2021:

1. When we realise that Sandeep Bhaiya couldn't crack the UPSC prelims in Aspirants.

As Abhilash moves away from the notice board learning that he didn’t clear the prelims, the camera pans towards Sandeep Bhaiya, all drenched in rain. Even without asserting that he has met the same fate, the viewers are conveyed the pitiful news. Sandeep is left heartbroken and so are we watching him walk away. 

Source: Twitter

2. When Sandhya eventually breaks down in Pagglait.

How do you feel when you lose someone who was never yours? The fact that Astik, Sandhya’s husband, never loved her leaves her grieving more than his death. She wears his shirt and finally breaks down, realising she was seeking love and validation from someone who never intended to offer her that. 

Source: India Today

3. When heartbroken Bharti watches Priya celebrate her birthday in Geeli Pucchi.

Geeli Pucchi has numerous powerful scenes and one among them remains the moment when Priya is invited inside her boss’ cabin to celebrate her birthday. So far the class and caste divide has been pointed out numerous times in the film. This scene stands out because, by now, Priya’s affection has convinced Bharti that she could be part of her life. Reality hits her when she witnesses the proceedings from outside and is called in only to distribute the cake slices. 

Source: Dichotomy of irony

 4. When Kabir follows Natasha back to her place in Ankahi.

Another short film from the anthology series, Ajeeb Daastaans, which needed no words to narrate a brilliant story. As Natasha stares at her husband bonding with her daughter, Kabir stands behind her witnessing a truth he wasn’t aware of. All the despair is expressed through their eyes, and a lot remains unsaid. A total gem of a film!

Source: Netflix
Source: Netflix

5. When Dimple couldn't see Vikram for the last time in Shershaah.

Capt. Vikram Batra's death was an inevitable aspect of the film. Dimple rushes to see Vikram for one last time and crumbles when she looks at the funeral pyre burning. We all saw it coming yet that factuality didn't make the end any less heart-wrenching.

Source: India Times

6. When Vidya discovers the tigress was killed in Sherni. 

Two storylines run parallelly as the tigress navigates through an unfamiliar terrain to save her cubs and Vidya, on the other side, constantly at odds with entrenched patriarchy. She fights tooth and nail to save the tigress but fails. Her death evokes a sort of pain only Vidya could comprehend.  

Source: Indian Express

7. When one of Jeetu Bhaiya’s students tries to kill herself in Kota Factory.

Towards the end of the season, Jeetu Bhaiya is informed that Vernali, one of his students, has attempted suicide. The show that deals with crucial issues with a hint of humour is now faced with an inescapable reality, the mental health toll of academic pressure.  

Source: Streaming Due

8. Aru and Aarya’s conversation in Aarya 2.

Aarya, played by Sushmita sen, is a fierce woman who won’t flinch away from taking any measures to protect her children. Among those badass moments, we witness her just as a mother when she talks to Aru. The scene shows both of them in their most vulnerable form. 

Source: Scoopwhoop

9. When Milind dies in The Family Man 2.

The show that deals with violence, crime, and conflicts, rarely showcases a moment of weakness. When Milind dies in a shootout at the police station we are presented with the humane side of the characters. Following the emotionally intense scene, Srikant calls up his wife but refrains from breaking down. 

Source: Zoom entertainment

10. When Lilly justifies backing out as a witness in Bombay Begums.

Each and every lead character is distinctive and layered in Bombay Begums. The series is full of grey areas and Lilly in this scene aptly describes what it means to have the privilege to ask for justice. Something not every woman can afford. 

Source: Scroll

11. When Sandeep loses her child in Sandeep aur Pinky Faraar.

Throughout the film, all Sandeep does, every unethical move she makes is to save her unborn child. When she has a miscarriage and howls in grief, we as a viewer definitely couldn't remain unaffected by it.  

Source: Koimoi

12. The Jallianwala bagh massacre in Sardar Udham. 

Our history books have elaborate descriptions of the tragic Jallianwala Bagh massacre. But the distress watching the horror and violence unleash on screen is incomparable. The scene from the film succeeds in conveying the torment caused by the ruthless act.

Source: Scoppwhoop

13. When Happy reveals to his father he isn't studying for Civil Services in Tabbar.  

The disappointment and disbelief is clear on Omkar’s face when Happy confesses that he is no longer pursuing Civil Services. Obviously, the father who has risked it all to save his son’s future is heartbroken in the scene. And Happy is burdened with guilt of failing his parents. It’s a powerful scene, brought to life by Gagan Arora and Pavan Malhotra's brilliant performance. 

Source: Scoopwhoop

Time to re-watch the noteworthy moments, yet again!


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