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 Recently, we have seen some really big-budget and multi-starrer Bollywood movies bombing at the box-office. While there are a few filmmakers who accept their failure at entertaining the audience, some have resorted to blaming the audience themselves. They feel that the Indian audience are not intelligent enough or are being miserly by not going to theatres.

But we want to tell Bollywood the real reasons why so many movies are flopping these days. We hope Hindi filmmakers read this and save us the torture next time.


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7 Key Reasons Why Bollywood Movies Are Turning Flops

1. Predictable Story Lines

Hindi filmmakers might think they make great thrillers. But as audiences, we hate spending hundreds and thousands of rupees, just to be able to predict the movies scene by scene. The “so-called” thrillers or drama recently made have made audiences sleep in theatres.

Jayeshbhai Jordaar-02

2. Senseless & Unnecessary Songs

Let’s accept it. We no longer live in the 70s when songs used to complement the storyline. The lengthy songs placed unnecessarily in Bollywood movies only elongate the movie time, adding no value or providing any entertainment. As the audience, we love a crisp storyline with minimal paraphernalia.

Image: Yash Raj Films
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3. Lousy Scripting

Whether is Thugs of Hindostan or the latest release Shamshera – it is clear that the audience has no regard for superstar movies without good scripts. We have seen many small screen (OTT) movies with unknown actors faring much better.

Ranbir Kapoor Starrer Shamshera Review
Image: Yash Raj Films

4. Better OTT Content

Whether it’s Panchayat, Mirzapur, Yeh Kaal Kaali Aankhein, OTT has offered the Hindi audience different flavors with amazing scripts. It’s time Bollywood realizes that their “formula” films would not cut anymore. They need to evolve soon!


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5. Crappy Remakes

We have seen some really terrible remakes by Bollywood. Whether it’s the Hindi movie remakes like Himmatwala, Karz or Zanjeer; or Hollywood movie remakes like Bruce Almighty (God Tussi Great Ho), or The Italian Job (Players) – in both cases Hindi film-makers have failed us.



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6. Movies Made In a Hurry

We wonder what prompts Bollywood to finish movies in a hurry. Whether is budget reasons, or scheduling problems – we just want Bollywood to not have their “hurriedly” made movies that have hundreds of loopholes. We recently had some great blunders in the movie Samrat Prithviraj where Akshay Kumar was tied with loose loops, and headbutting another guy wearing helmet.


7. Sequels No One Wanted

Heropanti-2, Baaghi-2, Raaz-Reboot, Hate Story series. All these are just some examples of sequels we wished were never made. What we need is more original and meaningful content, and not a repeat of senseless acts.

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Dear Bollywood, please stop blaming the audience, OTT, and other factors for movies failing at the box office. Buckle up your shoes, adapt, and create logical and entertaining movies. We love the big screen, but we love our sanity even more.


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