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 Brahmastra: Ranbir Kapoor refuses to pose with Alia Bhatt as she has a back pain; netizens say, 'Promoting pregnancy in Bollywood has become fashion'

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt have been tirelessly promoting their upcoming release Brahmastra. The couple has given their 5 years to this film and only expects a lot of love from that audience for the same. And as per reports, the film will have a bumper opening. While Alia who is also expecting her first baby has been travelling along with her hubby to cities for promotions, from Hyderabad to Delhi and more. However, this tiring travelling has gotten the Brahmastra actress back pain which is extremely common in pregnancy. Ranbir and Alia who made their way back home after promoting their film in Delhi were spotted at the airport, and the paparazzi requested them to pose together, to which Ranbir politely and indirectly refused and said that she has back pain. The papz completely understood and cleared their way and asked Alia to rest as she looked visibly very tired. 

As this video of Ranbir saying Alia has back pain is going viral many are concerned about the actress. One fan commented, " Uski back dukh Rahi hai'- Ranbir". However, it seemed like RK was talking about his back pain. While everyone wants Alia to rest which she will definitely do, it's a day left for the Brahmastra release and they have done their best to present their film to the audience. And indeed fans cannot wait to watch this magical film on the big screen. However, they also want Mrs Kapoor to take a complete rest.

The trollers took a dig at Alia Bhatt and other B Town actresses who constant work during their pregnancy claiming that nowadays promoting pregnancy in Bollywood has become a trend and why can't she just take a rest? Well, taking a rest is a privilege to these B Town ladies, have you ever wondered how other women especially underprivileged women handle their pregnancy? The trollers don't give a thought before trolling. Talking about Alia Bhatt, she is one of the finest actresses in Bollywood, with pregnancy or with baby- we never want her to take a rest. But yes she should have her me time.


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