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 In films we often forget that there is a huge difference between love and toxicity. Stalking is shown as romance while hitting is made to look like passion. These scenes are proof.

Films are made for entertainment and for most people it is like watching a story unfold on our screens, which takes us to another land away from reality. It isn’t always necessary to look for logic. However, sometimes when toxicity is made to look like romance, love or passion, movie lovers do end up rolling their eyes. Like when Kabir Singh aka Shahid Kapoor slapped Preeti, played by Kiara Advani. Or when Alia Bhatt’s character Safeena broke a bottle on Sky aka Kalki’s head in Gully Boy. Well, here’s a list of a few scenes from Bollywood films which were absolutely ridiculous and toxic!

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Tanu Weds Manu Returns
Tanu and Manu are unhappily married. Instead of fixing their marriage or taking some time away from one another, Tanu gets her husband detained in a mental asylum. She then leaves for Kanpur and asks Manu’s friend to get him out.
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Gully Boy
Safeena is possessive and enters a catfight with a girl who tries to flirt with her boyfriend Murad. Later in the film when she finds out he lied to her to hang out with fellow musician Sky, she hits Sky on the head with a glass bottle. Murad lied, he was wrong. But was violence really the solution?
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Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein
Maddy falls in love with Reena but the only thing he knows about her is that she is going to get engaged to a man named Rajiv, who she has never met. So he impersonates him and enters her life. He plans to reveal the truth when the time is right. It was a wonderful film, the chemistry was adorable and the romance was epic. But the concept was shady.
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Kundan is in love with Zoya and she likes him a little too. But she gets upset when she finds out that he lied about his name and religion. Kundan decides to scare her and cuts his veins with a blade when she says she’s not in love. He basically blackmails her to date him. If that’s not toxic, what is?
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Kabir Singh
Kabir was upset with Preeti’s father. She ran behind him to sort it out but instead of listening to her he slapped her in anger. The film released in 2019 and even after three long years, audiences haven’t forgotten this toxic scene.

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