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 Over the years, Singer KK’s magical and soulful voice touched so many hearts. His beautiful songs are just a reminder of what we lost.  Be it heartbreak songs like ‘Tadap Tadap Ke’, ‘Sach Keh Raha Hai Deewana Dil’ or love songs like ‘Aankhon Mein Teri’ or ‘Khuda Jaane’ or friendship songs like ‘Yaaron’, his voice always managed to connect with so many people across generations.

While you may remember him for his beautiful songs, he reportedly sang almost 3500 jingles before he got his first big singing break in Bollywood. And, believe us, his jingles are no less mesmerizing than his songs. Here are 5 famous ad jingles and TV shows tracks sung by KK that every 90s kid would remember:

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Famous Ad Jingles & TV Shows Track Sung By KK

1. Nerolac Paints

Remember one of the most iconic jingles of our time – ‘Jab Ghar Ki Raunak Badhani Ho’? Yes, this famous Nerolac Paints jingle was sung by none other than KK. The jingle is so catchy that it plays in your head over and over again. In case you want to relive the old memories, here is the ad video:

2. Hip Hip Hurray

Hip Hip Hurray was one of the most loved TV shows of the 90s. But, other than the show, its title track received equal love from its audience. Every 90s kid will remember the catchy title track: ‘Aaj Humara, Kal Apna’. This beautiful and catchy title track was also sung by KK. Here’s the video to enjoy the beautiful track once again:

3. Just Mohabbat

Not just for Hip Hip Hurray, KK also lent his voice to another popular TV show of the 90s – Just Mohabbat.  This was quite a hit among the masses. Many got hooked onto KK’s voice and grooved to this peppy jingle back in the day. His energetic and fun-filled voice touched our hearts and made us his fan forever. In case you want to relive the old memories, here is the video:

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4. Hero Honda

KK’s voice was so versatile that he could sing very different kinds of songs with accurate emotions. And, that’s the reason why ‘Desh Ki Dhadkan’ in the Hero Honda ad touched so many hearts. This jingle filled our hearts with so many emotions – pride, country love and so much more. ‘Desh Ki Dhadkan’ jingle is just a reminder that KK’s high-pitched voice was a gift of God to mankind. Here’s the video:

5. Pepsi

Pepsi has been known for giving us some of the most iconic ads over time. But the ad with Shah Rukh Khan, Shahid Kapoor, and Rani Mukerji along with KK’s playback singing has remained people’s favorite over all these years. In case you want to listen to it one more time, here’s the video:

Be it movie songs or albums or ad jingles, KK had the talent to create magic for his audience every time. Saying goodbye to KK has been really tough for many as he wasn’t just a singer. He was our friend who taught us the real meaning of love and friendship.


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