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 Imlie fame Fahmaan Khan aka Aryan proves he loves his fans as much as they adore him with THIS video [Watch]

Soon in Fahmaan Khan and Sumbul Touqeer Khan starrer Imlie, there will be a generation leap. After which, neither Fahmaan Khan aka Aryan Singh Rathore nor Sumbul Touqeer aka Imlie will be a part of the Gul Khan-produced TV show. Fahmaan is now currently in the last leg of Imlie, it seems. He had shared a video story from his make-up room on Instagram as he shot for Imlie. The actor's video post proves that he loves his fans as much as they adore him. It's a rarity to see actors showering so much love on their fans. Fahmaan has been very vocal about his feelings. He shares his opinions freely all the time. 

Fahmaan Khan's video goes viral

Imlie is one of the biggest trends in Entertainment News all the time. And Fahmaan Khan and Sumbul Touqeer Khan are always part of it. So, talking about the new video, Fahmaan shared a video in which he flaunts his make-up room. In the video, we see him flaunting the gifts given to him by his fans. He later shows his wall where he has stuck all the top trends on Twitter conducted by fans for Imlie and for him. His gesture towards fans is winning hearts

When Fahmaan revealed he and Sumbul have quit Imlie

So, for a long time now, there had been speculation that Imlie is taking a generation leap. It was all just rumours till the time, Fahmaan dropped a video and confirmed the heartbreaking news. Fahmaan was upfront and real. Without beating about the bush, he confirmed the generation leap and also revealed that Arylie will no longer be a part of Imlie.

Fahmaan has been upfront with his fans

Earlier, when his previous co-star was dragged and trolled between fandom wars, Fahmaan had warned his fans. He had dropped a long video threatening to report the accounts who were trolling his co-stars. He also said that they cannot be his fans if they enjoy trolling others.

Fahmaan Khan has been a rage and one of the most loved characters ever since he entered Imlie. He wasn't the lead but the mass mania for Aryan turned the tides and how!


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