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Priyanka Chopra got engaged to her boyfriend American Singer Nick Jonas, on her 36th birthday, July 18 2019. The couple then married on December 1. PeeCee is 10 years elder than Nick who is 26-years old. Nick is an American singer, songwriter, actor, and record producer.

Priyanka and Nick who made their first public appearance together at the 2017 Met Gala, reportedly began dating 2 months prior to the engagement. The couple hogged the limelight when the picture of both of them dating each other had gone viral all over the internet.

"My mom manifested him" - Priyanka on her marriage with Nick Jonas

Priyanka Chopra has carved out a niche for herself as one of the most successful celebrities in the Bollywood industry. She is famous not just in India but across the world. Priyanka stole the spotlight when she became the Miss World in 2000. She was crowned the Miss World not only because of her beauty but because of her hard work, grit, dedication and capability.

Priyanka Chopra always wants herself to be called as ‘People’s Princess’. She ranked in 72 of the 100 most beautiful faces in the year 2012. Other than doing her profession, she is more into reading, writing poetries, and dancing to Indian music.

Although she kick-started her career as an actress in 2000, she once dreamt to become a software engineer or a criminal psychologist at the end of Grade 10. Her debut in Indian film was in 2003, in the film “The Hero”. Priyanka Chopra is also called as philanthropist, and is widely recognized with her work in environment, women’s rights, or education.

Priyanka Chopra is famous in the USA because she appeared in American Television Series – Quantico, a thriller drama caught the attention of the viewers. Also, she is also known for the knack of singing songs as well. The popular ones are In My City ft, Will.I.am Exotic ft, Pitbul -I cant make you love me.

‘My mother manifested him’: Peecee on her marriage to Nick Jonas

While talking to Winfrey’s official YouTube channel, Priyanka Chopra Jonas spoke about how her mother actually had dreamt a man for her, and manifested it which led to her finding Nick, falling in love with him, and finally getting married.

Quoting her memoir ‘Unfinished’, Winfrey added: “I read where you said your mom, you think, dreamed him up, or had some spiritual force in bringing him into your life, because you’d been in bad relationships and your mother said, ‘I hope that one day you just meet somebody who sweeps you off your feet.’ And then, along comes Nick Jonas…”

Priyanka Chopra JOnas laughed and said, “I may have judged the book by the cover. I didn’t honestly take it very seriously when Nick was texting me. I was 35, I was like, ‘I want to get married, I want to have kids. He’s in his 20s, I don’t if that’s something he’d want to do’. I did that to myself for a while, till I actually went out with him.”

PeeCee also heaped praise on her husband, calling him a “self-assured” and a “sensible” man. “[He is] so excited about my achievements, my dreams. It’s such a true partnership that he offers me in everything that we do together. I truly believe that my mom manifested him.

“She had a marriage of partnership. They worked together, they lived together, they built a home together, they built a life together in equal partnership,” she said of her parents, while also adding that she is glad she found the same wavelengths and values with her husband.

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