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 Ponniyin Selvan, Varisu, Naane Varuvean and more upcoming Tamil movies will NOT be reviewed on release date? Here's what we know

The Tamil Film Producers Council recently held a mammoth, long drawn out meeting on Sunday, 18th September, to go over and find solutions to the multiple issues that are at present plaguing the Tamil film industry. Among the many topics discussed, high on the agenda was the proposal of new guidelines for a timeline of reviews and social media influencer posts, along with curtailment of fake reporting of box office collections, support for small films and how to maintain a balancing act between theatres and OTT. If all the proposed guidelines are followed then Ponniyin SelvanVarisuNaane Varuvean and more big upcoming Tamil movies could really benefit from them, especially when it comes to reviews and social media posting. 

Tamil Film Producers Council propose no review for 3 days

Among the new proposed guidelines, the Tamil Film Producers Council has suggested that no critics should post reviews of any movies for 3 days since the day of release. Not only is this undemocratic and a major infringement on the 'freedom of press', but it'll also set a horrible precedent for years to come in Tamil cinema. That's not to say that several critics are too smug and only exist to deliberately bash movies, especially commercial, mass ones, with little to zero knowledge of how they work or comprehension of what the audience wants, but that's basically what 'freedom of press' stands for. Also, the council must really trust the audience more to make the right decision. 

No social media posts at theatres, good news for Ponniyin Selvan

Dhanush starrer Naane Varuvean, Thalapathy Vijay Varisu and Chiyaan Vikram starrer Ponniyin Selvan more big upcoming Tamil movies could also benefit hugely by the other proposed guideline, where it's been suggested that social media influencers and YouTube channels shouldn't be allowed to post from theatre premises. While this doesn't account to curtailment of 'freedom of press' as these guys most certainly aren't press and theatres owners have every right to have the final say on their property, once again, nobody can be stopped from posting once they set foot outside a theatre in a democracy. 


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