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 Those were days when notable actors and actresses used to rule the Bollywood film industry and many even thought that those stars would go on to make many films in their career and entertain the fans in the years to come. They have entertained us with their incredible performances during their acting career.

However, some stars faced an untimely death at a very young age under mysterious circumstances which left the whole country shocked. But Bollywood is full of mysterious deaths of actors who passed away at a young age.

Meena Kumari

One of the greatest actresses in Hindi cinema, Meena Kumari was also a singer, poetess, and costume designer. Following her separation from her husband, Kamal Amrohi, the tragedy queen was under massive depression.

On March 31, 1972, after 3 weeks of the release of her blockbuster film ‘Pakeezah’, the actress died at the age of 38 owing to liver cirrhosis, a condition caused by excessive alcohol consumption.

It was reported that the actress had a poor financial condition when she passed away and this is why she did not have money to pay her hospital bills when she was admitted before her death.

This famous actress’s last words to her husband before succumbing to a coma were, “Chandan, I will not live longer now. My last wish is to die in your arms.”


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