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Brahmastra, a fantasy drama movie starring Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor, opened to mixed reviews, with some reviews even labelling it one of the worst experiences. However, judging by the talks taking place on social media a few days after the movie’s release, the audience seems to be warming up to it.


The film directed by Ayan Mukerji, which heavily borrows from Hindu mythology, is also intriguing for a few not-so-hidden details that the eagle-eyed audience has managed to pick up on.

First of all, Alia’s character, whose position first looked to be reduced to that of Ranbir Kapoor’s love interest, is the one that captured the audience after the first installment of the film series. She might affect the course of the plot, though, as a viewer pointed out in a Twitter thread.

The theory contended that Isha, played by Alia Bhatt, was the most mysterious character in Brahmastra: Part One – Shiva and might be hiding something.

Shiva (Ranbir) gets glimpses of characters connected to the Brahmastra throughout the film, including Junoon, Anish, and Mohan. Therefore, if he does see Isha in his dreams, she may have a stronger bond with the Astra.

Dev, Shiva’s father, is the other much-debated figure who hasn’t been fully revealed in the first part. A sequence during the final moments of the film, just before the credits rolled, showed that Dev was resurrected as the Brahmastra did come back together.

It is obvious that the story of Dev and Amrita will take centre stage in the second instalment. While fans are already making predictions about who will play Dev, there are also rumours regarding his past.

In addition to these, the flick has already spawned a tonne of other fan theories and predictions. 

“My theory will be Guru is the main villain. Dev might be an anti hero of sorts. It can be the reason why Amrita never returned.”


“Junoon and Shiva might be twins because Amrita was pregnant once according to Guruji. Junoon had the power of water which she might have gotten from their mother, Amrita.”


“Story will be more deep in part 2 as 1 is just world building and character introduction. Part 2 will talk more about amrita dev, their love , fate , death and tragedy. Amrita never killed dev but just trapped him. Amrita goes away from the brahmansh with 1 piece and hides it. Amrita dying by fire looks like sati. Isha does have some connection like how just by her touch his powers start. So sus. Junoon says her life is not hers and unless she completes brahmastra he wont let her die.”


Despite criticisms of Brahmastra‘s weak plot and overly cringe-inducing dialogue, the film is nonetheless a landmark for Bollywood given its enormity and brilliant VFX.

There is presently no information available about Brahmastra 2 other than the title. Though the release date has not yet been announced, Ayan Mukerji has planned the fantasy drama to be a trilogy.


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