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 With few exceptions, Bollywood movies have failed miserably at the box office recently. While some believe that the OTT craze is behind the decline of Bollywood’s movies, some feel it’s the deteriorating quality of Bollywood’s content. Apart from very few movies, many movies have tanked miserably at the box office. Be it Akshay Kumar’s Samrat Prithviraj Chauhan or Deepika-Ranveer starrer ’83. Many superstars failed at driving revenue at the box office. While many may wonder what’s the reason behind this trend, many netizens came forward to share their thoughts in this viral Twitter thread.

Twitter thread Stopped watching Bollywood Movies

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Recently, a Twitter user, Varun Singh took to his social media handle and asked netizens about their views: “I have moved on from Bollywood, have you too? Bollywood and their movies don’t entice me any longer.”

In no time the question went viral and many came forward to express their views on why they have stopped watching Bollywood movies? Here are some of the best responses:

1. Prevalent Nepotism & Lack Of Talent


“I have moved south. Bollywood is just about four-five odd interconnected families and lots of distant relatives, all making movies to maintain their respective lifestyles.” – Rajendra B. Aklekar

“It’s pure bullshit.. Cant watch any bollywood movie anymore.. barring a few..wer d elite families arent der.. Prefer watching worthy content on OTT.. A few hollywood movies.. and south movies.” – Aaadiito

“We had some great Directors who gave us Border, Gadar, Lagaan, DCH, Taal, Swades etc. Then KJo happened. His silly movies were forcibly shoved down upon an entire generation of audience with movies after movies of 0 content, logic!” – Satish R.

2. Illogical and irrelevant content

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“Where do they do movies any more relevant?..You only see the Bollywood likes doing a Gutkha…a Chai…a Condom….and nothing worth while!”  –@SanielSunny

“Yes then they started making only NRI movies. Stopped Indian movies as they wanted only foreign currency!” – Mani Manthena

3. Need more talented actors & better content

“Cant stand Bollywood anymore. I hope there are more @ActorMadhavan @vivekagnihotri Panchayat type guys coming out with stuff. People will need to be entertained.” – @Bam2Bole

4. Competition from OTT’s Quality Content

Image: Netflix. Amazon Prime Video
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“OTT has made us aware abt difference between good content and bad content. We were served with shit from bollywood all these years and now we have a choice and clarity” – Dr. Poonam

“I liked Love Goals and Jeetu Bhai is a good find. I loved his Panchayat and the other series on IIT entrance etc. Majority of Bollywood is junk though. #HonestOne Did not like Vikram either. It was great in bits and pieces but nothing new overall.” – @happyshiv123

“I moved on from Bollywood a very long time back. I only watch their movies once in a couple years and that too on OTT platforms.” – Pushkar

“Have had Netflix and Prime for 4 years. Haven’t watched a single Bollywood movie, not one. Just not interested.” – @choppybaba

“I don’t think we all can completely move on from #Bollywood ,but yes ,OTT has brought us in touch with Telugu,Tamil and beyond India series, opening us to content and story telling of a different kind. It’s like 5 different buffet’s served along with Indian Thali.” – Mehnaz Amjad

5. Regional Cinema & Its Quality Content

Clever Intelligent Movies
Image: Jai Bhim

“Hardly watch any new ones. Exceptions are movies like Uri. Am becoming a fan of Telugu films. And a huge fan of Madhavan. Watched Rocketry yesterday.” – Kotikarna

“Bollywood still ignore the fact that now Indians are watching other regional and international stuff. It is sad that their movies can’t even close to regional movies and they believe they are producing Oscar films. There are still quality directions but lacks promotions & budget.” – @lakra_anuradha

“I hardly see them now ,unless the review is good ,there are many local languages movies with subtitles on OTT which are worth much more .Bollywood too had become family affair , no longer churn out movies ,but reels to make money one way or the other , change the colour of notes.” – Chandrasekharan LR

“I’m seeing a lot of South Films now. They are either dubbed or have subtitles. They are any Day better than Bullywood. At least a story line. Not just made to promote a puffed up body & artificial 6 pack.” – navin

“I moved on when 4 years ago was introduced to #SatyajitRay & Bengali cinema,thisby my own fluke search, after tht #Bollywood deteriorated at a speed of light.Plus now have stopped watching #Akshay,#kangana’s movies, once upon a time liked thm both. Now watch only #Tabu &Govinda” – Mehnaz Amjad

6. Lack of Originality in Bollywood Movies

Image: Forrest Gump, Laal Singh Chaddha
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“Totally, fazool movie ch****apay wala action, and full tun copy paste of different part from hollywood movies and above all chori ka music from music to lyrics.”  – Irfan

7. Exposure to Foreign Content: Hollywood, Korean & German Movies

Image: Game of Thrones

“Korean Japanese even germans make good content. Chinese movie Love O2O is very good. Bye bye Bollywood.” – @TimtimBaudha

“God swear, even before the sushant singh rajput tragedy, I quit bollywood because of making trash movies. Every movie has a love story and a bunch of drama, some villian. Same concept in every movie. Now I love Hollywood movies. I love watching different genres movies.” – vinn

While some felt that interest in Bollywood will come back as soon as a blockbuster movie will hit the theatres:

“The moment any blockbuster hits the screen, the lost euphoria will be back. Just a matter of one or two impactful movies on big screen to turn the tide. Till then its lull before storm !!” – Ravi

What do you think? Tell us in the comments below.


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