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The one-time hit film Sholay is still a hit and popular today. People still like this movie so much today. It is a movie that even after watching it, it is interesting to watch again and again. The story of the film was written and directed by Salim Javed, the famous director Ramesh Sippy.

It has been 45 years since the film was released. The film was released on August 15, 1975. Dharmendra, Hema Malini, Sanjeev Kumar, and Amitabh Bachchan, who are the star of the film, did not pay any attention to the audience.

At that time, the film released on Jay Santoshi was filming on Sholay. But two weeks later, the film’s popularity proved historic. At that time, more stardom than Amitabh was from Dharmendra. Hema Malini was also very popular.

It may be recalled that Dharmendra was a very big actor at the time of the film Sholay and he is talking about Amitabh in this picture for a different scene.

Amitabh was very new to the industry at that time and because of this he often sat down with the Junior Artist of the film.

It is from this film that Dharmendra and Hema Malini came close to each other and in this photo, you can see that Amitabh is taking photos of both of them.

Amjad Khan, who plays the role of Gabbar Singh, who could not complete the film without the role of Sholay, is talking to the director of the film in this photo. Amjad Khan was also a big actor at that time and he had a lot of fan following.

The name of the film Sholay was already so popular that even a picture was printed in print from the set of the film. In this photo, you can see Amitabh, Dharmendra, and Hema Malini.

Let’s say that Amitabh and Dharmendra also loved working together in the film and they had a lot of fun in between the film.

In this photo, you can see all the characters of the Sholay movie together. This picture is from when the shooting of the film was completed.


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