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A movie that so wonderfully conveys what it’s like to fall in love with someone makes it nearly difficult not to love it. And one genre that has consistently ruled the silver screen is romance. The storylines have evolved with the times, but the creators and the viewers have always stuck with these tales.

The rediscovery of this genre, however, has lately been considerably enhanced by South Indian movies. In fact, when it comes to the complexity of the stories in these films from the South, Bollywood, which is known for its love dramas, has fallen off its throne.

So we picked a few movies for you to watch in order to regain your faith in this film genre.

1. Sita Ramam

The tale of Lieutenant Ram, an orphaned Indian army soldier stationed at the Kashmir border in 1964, is a skillfully written love story. He starts receiving love letters from Sita Mahalakshmi anonymously after disclosing that on the radio. Then he embarks on a quest to find Sita and declare his love for her.

2. Sillu Karuppatti

An anthology of four love stories featuring characters from four different age groups in which love is the only real factor that connects them all. Through four short films, each of which deals with a different stage of life, the filmmaker attempts to capture love from a wider perspective.

3. Kumbalangi Nights

The story, which takes place in an eponymous fishing town, focuses on the tense relationship between four brothers who share an unhappy household and how they eventually stand up for one another as a family. But it also tells the tale of misfits who, through love, come to value and find their place in the world.

4. Fidaa 

Fidaa is a lighthearted love story that centres on the romantic entanglements between Bhanumathi (Sai Pallavi) and Varun (Varun Tej). Although they fall in love with her, their aspirations diverge. The main conflict of the story is how Varun persuades Banumathi and marries her.

5. O Kadhal Kanmani 

O Kadhal Kanmani, which is set in a very bustling Mumbai, depicts the story of two young people who choose to pursue a casual relationship. They choose to live together since they do not think marriage is a good idea. They continue to have a good time until they reach the turning point where they must decide whether to continue or not.

6. Premam 

In the romantic flick Premam, George’s love and adoration are explored from his schooldays up till his adolescence. The plot of the story centers on the lives of a young boy going through several phases of love. His dream to find love appears to be within reach during his school years, then again during his college days, but it never comes true.

7. Varane Avashyamund

The slice-of-life narrative focuses on the relationships between four characters, who all live in the same apartment building, and how they affect one another. Neena (Shobana), a single mother and French teacher, and her daughter Nikitha (Kalyani Priyadarshan), who just wants an arranged marriage. On the other hand, a youngster known as Fraud (Dulquer) is almost in control of his priorities, and retired Major Unnikrishnan (Suresh Gopi) is indifferent and reluctant to engage with anyone.

8. Katheyondu Shuruvaagide 

Love and relationships are viewed from a variety of viewpoints in this slow-moving romance drama. Diganth and Pooja Devariya, Ashwin Rao Pallaki and Shreya Anchan, and then the elderly pair Babu Hirannaiah and Aruna Balraj are the three couples whose love stories are depicted in the film. The viewer is given free reign to identify with any of the three couples’ stories as they witness.

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