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What could be more mesmerizing than hearing the eternally gorgeous Rekha singing?

Let me tell you – NOTHING.

An old clip of Rekha singing ‘Mujhe tum nazar se gira toh rahe ho’ has gone viral, and Twitter is in complete awe of her soulful voice.

Besides Rekha’s dreamy voice, her expressions are so heartwarming that one can literally forget everything else but just watch and hear her sing.

Here’s how Rekha’s enchanting voice has struck chords with Desi hearts.

Perhaps, this is what sublime is after-all!

This is not it. Last year, Rekha graced Indian Idol Season 12 and won the audience and the jury’s hearts with her compelling singing. Her voice was so heart-touching that you could see people getting teary-eyed.

Not just heads, Rekha lives in our hearts rent free!


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