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Imagine you are having kadi-pakoda at home and your siblings be like ‘what are you eating? oh achcha! Sun…ispe makkhi beth gayi toh?‘ And they laugh out loud ‘coz it has been ruined now. You won’t be able to relish it. Okay, one more. I heard a toilet joke in my childhood that still tickles my bones. Let’s make you a part of it. Try asking your friend, tumhare ghar toilet bani hai? and when he/she replies saying ‘yes’ (which I am sure they will), be like, achcha! hamare ghar to dal-chawal bane hain.

If you like such potty/fart/poop jokes, hey! you are already my friend. Anyway, we have watched several toilet humour scenes in Hindi films over the years which still make us ROFL.

I have 10 such sequences presented to you. Let’s enjoy them?

1. When Prem wished to share ‘pet ki baat’ (ahm! ‘dil ki baat‘) with fake Raveena (Andaz Apna Apna)

Remember when Amar added ghode ka julaab in Prem’s meal? In the scene, Prem wants to express his feelings to Karishma ‘coz he believes she is Raveena Bajaj, the rich one. However, Prem ends up relieving himself in toilet several times. He still tries his best to convey his ‘pet ki baat’ (oops! ‘dil ki baat‘) but fails miserably. Salman Khan truly aced it.

A still from Andaz Apna Apna

2. When Cowboy’s henchman was like ‘sir, ye toh tatti hai’ (Delhi Belly)

Remember when Arup, the cartoonist, delivered a stool sample to gangster Somayajulu aka Cowboy by mistake? In the scene, the gangster, who is hoping for diamonds in the bottle, ends up spreading poop on the red velvet cloth. His henchman states the obvious, “Sir, ye toh tatti hai” and he is like, “Thank you, motherf**ker.” That’s Vijay Raaz, ladies & gentlemen.

3. When Baburao Apte wanted Shyam to learn singing for ‘sandaas’ (Hera Pheri)

This happened when Baburao Apte was showing ‘sandaas’ to new tenant, Shyam. In the scene, Baburao almost enters the toilet in which Raju, his another tenant is already there. “Kitni baar bola hai darwaza pakad ke beth ya gaana gaa,” Baburao says. He then asks Shyam to learn singing ‘coz andar kadi nahin thi re! That’s Paresh Rawal being Paresh Rawal!

A still from Hera Pheri

4. When Jhanghya and his gang made fake dog poop (Chillar Party)

Remember when Jhanghya and his chillar party were planning to throw Fatka out of Chandan Nagar society by keeping a fake dog poop on Secretary Tandon’s car? In a scene, the whole gang designs ‘nakli’ potty using flour and other ingredients. They initially paint it in orange colour. One of the kids is like, “jis din rasna pi leta hoon, orange hi hoti hai.” It was later coloured in yellow. That’s chillar party being creative and hilarious AF!

A still from Chillar Party

5. When pregnant Monika Batra hit a ‘good shot’ ahm! farted (Good Newwz)

This situation took place when Honey and Monika Batra visited Varun and Deepti Batra’s place. In the scene, pregnant Monika farts in front of everyone. All four of them have different reactions to it. While Monika is embarrassed, Deepti gets shocked, Honey keeps on laughing, and Varun is like, “Good shot, bhabi ji.” Then Honey says, “iske naa nikal jate hain kabhi kabhi.” ‘gas ke gole!‘ That’s Diljit for you.

6. When Kabir and friends played a bathroom prank on Spanish guy (ZNMD)

Remember when Kabir, Arjun, and Imran stopped their car to use the loo at a public restroom in Spain? While initially, Arjun is like ‘grow up!’, he ends up being mischievous along with them. They shout together while pointing at an urinal where a Spanish guy is peeing, and leave immediately. Of course, they scare the sh*t out of him. ‘Mentally the sick’ Kabir! Haha.

A still from Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

7. When Laxmi Narayan 2 got his pants wet and used hand drier (One Two Three)

This happened when Laxmi Narayan 2 accidentally wet his pants while washing his hands after using the loo. In the scene, Narayan sees someone using hand drier and stands on the dustbin so that he can dry his pants. Don’t miss the hilarious positions that Narayan shows in this sequence. Oh man! Suniel Shetty, you are too good.

8. When Rancho made his senior literally rolling on the floor (3 Idiots)

Remember when Farhan and Raju’s seniors were ragging them along with other freshers? I am talking about the ‘mutra-visarjan’ incident. In a scene, Rancho, the first-year student, locks himself in room, and ends up giving an electric shock to his senior as he pees on the door. The senior literally rolls on the floor after experiencing shock making everyone laugh. Aamir Khan, you nailed it.

9. When Angel’s ‘karyakram’ lands on Arush’s face (Heyy Babyy)

This happened when Arush, Tanmay and Al got a code-brown situation in the house. In a scene, Angel makes a poo-poo and is surprisingly embarrassed. Arush soon realises the smell of poop and he asks Tanmay, “tune kiya ye karyakram?” All of them soon get to know about Angel. While Tanmay removes the potty diaper, it ends up landing on Arush’s face. Akshay Kumar, you are f**king hilarious!

10. When Manav entered in the bathroom with another man for 50 rupee note (Dhamaal)

Remember when Manav was trying to take out his hand from a stranger’s pocket? In the scene, stupid Manav takes out money from the stranger’s wallet, keeps the latter’s 50 rupee note back, and accidentally gets his hand stuck there. Manav ends up accompanying him to the toilet while the stranger has no idea. Don’t miss what happens next. Javed Jaffery, you make me laugh out loud.

Hope you enjoyed these hilarious toilet humour scenes. My kind of toilet humour were in Andaz Apna Apna and Heyy Babyy, which one is yours?


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