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Who creates celebrities and who destroys them? FANS! In addition to followers worshipping their idols, celebrities reciprocating is a parallel responsibility. When some fans act excessively and take their idols for granted, everything turns upside down. Here are some bizarre fan encounters that shocked celebrities and astounded onlookers:

Aditya Roy Kapur Gets Harassed By A Female Fan

Aditya Roy Kapur had just given a crazed female fan permission to take a selfie when she tried to forcefully kiss him. The uneasy Aashiqui 2-star smiled while dodging it.

Fan Jumps Barricade To Greet Akshay Kumar

Fan Jumps Barricade To Greet Akshay Kumar

One of Khiladi Kumar’s devoted followers went through barriers to meet him. Although the bodyguard for the actor made care to shove him away, Akshay decided to amuse him.

Fan Attempts To Touch Sara Ali Khan’s Face

Sara Ali Khan

In an odd incident, a female fan attempted to touch Sara Ali Khan as she passed an airport. Fortunately, the actress handled it nicely and received compliments for it.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui Manhandled By A Selfie Man

Nawazuddin Siddiqui Manhandled By A Selfie Man

Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui was recently prevented from getting into his car by a fan who compelled him to take a selfie, causing huge chaos on the site.

Airport Fans Made Kareena Kapoor Khan Horrified

Fans surrounded actress Kareena to take photographs with her. Kareena was terrified when people were seen intimately handling her and making the actress incredibly uncomfortable.

Female Fan Forcibly Hugged Phone Bhoot Leads

Ishaan Khatter, an actor, and Sidhant Chaturvedi were compelled to embrace a crazed fan. Ishaan attempted to calm her down, but the woman went all out and uncomfortable everyone.

Manushi Chillar Harassed By Fan Who Even Tried To Take Her Crown Away

When Manushi returned to India after being Miss World, she witnessed fan misbehaviour when a boy grabbed and even touched her crown as he greeted the actress.


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