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With Selfiee turning disaster at the box office, Akshay Kumar is still struggling to break his streak of flop movies. His last successful movie at the box office was in 2021 i.e. Rohit Shetty’s Sooryavanshi. Since then, he has already delivered eight movies that were completely rejected by the audience. The movies not only failed to drive collections at the box office they also failed on OTT to grab people’s attention.

From focusing on quantity over quality to lack of commitment to his craft to romancing actresses way younger than him to playing age-inappropriate roles, people have cited many reasons why Akshay Kumar’s movies are not working anymore.

Akshay Kumar’s Recent Movies & Their Low IMDb Ratings

How the fans have rated Akshay’s recent movies on IMDb is just another reminder of how Akshay Kumar needs to focus on quality rather than quantity. Here are some of his recent movies along with their IMDb rating:

1. Housefull 4 [2019] | IMDb: 3.5

Many media houses called it the worst Bollywood movie of that year. Bad writing, terrible direction, regressive dialogues, sexist comedy, stale jokes and so many things that were wrong with this movie. One thing that no one could find in this disastrous movie was a story. Many fans and critics took to social media to call it a brain-numbing torturous experience. Even on IMDb, the movie is rated only 3.5.

2. Laxmii [2020] | IMDb: 2.5

Once again Akshay Kumar’s movie received negative reviews from the critics as well as from the audience. Along with Sadak 2, this movie was called the worst movie of the year. No wonder it is rated 2.5 on IMDb Many people took to social media to share how the movie is one of the worst movies of Akshay Kumar.

The movie was heavily criticized for miserable acting, baseless story, stale comedy, and laughable horror. It also faced wrath because of inappropriate casting. At the time of Laxmii, Akshay was almost 53 years old while Kiara was just 28!

3. Bachchhan Paandey [2022] | IMDb: 5.2

Another remake of a Tamil movie, Akshay Kumar’s Bachchhan Paandey turned out to be a disaster. While reviewing Bachchhan Paandey, Indian Express called Akshay Kumar’s movie too much pain with zero gain.  Many called Bachchhan Paandey a two-and-a-half-hour demo on how not to make a film. With weak direction, stale comedy, and miserable overacting, this movie can give a headache to anyone!  

4. Samrat Prithviraj [2022] | IMDb: 5.8

Akshay Kumar was heavily criticized for countless blunders in Samrat Prithviraj. From the 26-year-old character having white hair on the chest to Akshay’s headbutting a soldier with a helmet (without wearing one), people pointed out so many goof-ups in this 175 Crore movie. This movie’s failure was another wake-up call for the superstar to start prioritizing quality over quantity!  

5. Cuttputlli  [2022] | IMDb: 5.7

Cuttputlli was a remake of the 2018 Tamil film Ratsasan, which was loosely based on Soviet serial killer Anatoly Slivko. Many critics called this movie a perfect lesson in what not to do with a crime drama.

This movie had everything that all recent Akshay Kumar disasters had: Unfunny jokes, largely one-note dialogue delivery, and the awkward 54-year-old trying to court a woman half his age! No wonder, many fans, and critics rejected this movie on OTT as well.

Source: Movie Poster

6. Ram Setu [2022] 5.2

Within months of the failure of Samrat Prithviraj, Rakshabandhan, Akshay Kumar returned with another disaster Ram Setu. Once again many felt that because of his obsession to complete shooting in less than 40 days, he ruined another great story just the way he ruined Prithviraj. From horrible acting to poor direction to bad music to wrong casting to childish script, this movie had a lot of problematic things that turned it into a disaster.

7. Rakshabandhan [2022] | IMDb: 5.2

With an IMDb rating of 5.2, Raksha Bandhan emerged as one of Akshay’s worst films in 2022. Many called the movie loud, regressive, and unbearable to watch.

For the unversed, this movie is all about women waiting to be married off. Akshay Kumar’s sisters exist to wait for their brother to get them married and his lover Sapna (Bhumi Pednekar) exists to wait to get married to him. After watching this movie, you just hope Akshay starts focusing on the quality of the content that he generates.

Source: Movie Poster

In midst of Akshay’s underperforming movies, a netizen initiated a debate on whether  Akshay be even considered an A-list actor after delivering 8 flops in a row.

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