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When it comes to celebrity photos people generally fall into 2 categories — ones that generally believe that celebs are flawless all the time, and ones that believe it’s all makeup and in real life celebs look nothing like they do on screen. In reality, it’s a bit of both. We compiled a list of pictures of famous Bollywood celebs with and without makeup, so you can take a look and be the judge.



Priyanka Chopra
Here’s a side by side comparison of Priyanka Chopra with and without makeup. What do you think? Does she look totally different to you or would you still be able to easily recognize her? It’s important to note that the lighting in these two photos is very different, so, for example her skintone looks a bit darker.

Deepika Padukone
What about Deepika Padukone? Her face looks more tanned and a way more shiny in the first picture, that’s true. But other than that she just looks like the more casual version of herself, compared to the second photo.

Kareena Kapoor
Kareena is wearing absolutely no makeup in the first photo and a full face of makeup in the second. Yet, the only big difference I can spot are the dark circles under her eyes. Perhaps she was really tired, or maybe it’s genetic. Either way, her eyebrows look on fleek in both cases.

Sonam Kapoor
Sonam seems to share Kareena’s problem of dark under-eye circles, but other than that, she looks pretty much the same with and without makeup. What a lucky lady. When you have such a beautiful face to begin with, you don’t really need a lot of makeup.

Nargis Fakhri
Are we already halfway done with breaking stereotypes about celebs? Looks like it. Nargis Fakhri’s face looks pretty much the same whether she’s going to the airport or attending a glamorous event. A bit of red lipstick is all she needs to add a pop of colour and go from day to night.

Ameesha Patel
Ameesha is a pretty lady and there’s no doubt about it. Whether she just got off the plane and is wearing a Smurfs shirt, or walking down the red carpet, she always looks cute. A bit of foundation to even out the skin tone and a bright lip color do the trick.

Sushmita Sen
Some might say Sushmita looks super pale without makeup, but once again, that’s probably just lighting. Here’s the thing that very few consider when comparing photos with and without makeup. The no-makeup pics are usually snapped in a rush and in this picture the flash was clearly on and that made her look so pale. Other than that she looks pretty nice, doesn’t she?

Alia Bhatt
Alia is a young girl, she’s only 23, so it’s not a surprise that she looks great without makeup. There’s barely any difference between the two photos. The only possible imperfection she has on the first photo are the dark circles under her eyes, but we all get those when we don’t get enough sleep.

Jacqueline Fernandez
Honestly, if it wasn’t for the difference in picture quality, you couldn’t see the difference between how Jacqueline looks on these photos. She looks gorgeous even with the horrible lighting and the low quality of the first photo. Do we need to say more?

Anushka Sharma
Now there’s a huge difference between these two photos, but mostly because in the second one Anushka’s makeup is so heavy it looks like a mask. You can tell from the first picture that she’s a cute girl and really doesn’t need that much makeup.

Aishwarya Rai
Aishwarya is one of the most gorgeous women in Bollywood. Even in the first photo, without makeup, you can see that her skin is pretty much flawless and the only difference between the photos is a pop of color. She has no imperfections to hide, so she uses makeup to enhance her best features.



If there’s one thing we should learn, is that a lot of celebs are just blessed with beautiful features. However, it’s not unusual for anyone to have under-eye circles, uneven skin tone, or a few pimples here and there – even celebrities aren’t immune to this. That’s where makeup comes in very handy. It can help hide imperfections and enhance the best features, plus it’s just fun to play around with different looks for different occasions. So don’t judge the celebrities too harshly, they’re just like us.


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