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 Looking for some entertainment to fill your weekend? Look no further! The world of OTT platforms is brimming with captivating movies and web series that will keep you hooked and entertained throughout. Whether you’re in the mood for comedy, drama, romance, or a mix of genres, there’s something for everyone. Here are 15 fantastic movies and web series that you should add to your watchlist.

1. Kathaal

“Kathal” weaves together a tapestry of humor, mystery, and intrigue as a police officer unravels the enigma surrounding the missing jackfruits. The film centers around Mahima Basor, a young police officer assigned with the task of locating a pair of stolen jackfruits from an MLA’s residence in the fictional town of Moba. As Mahima delves into her investigation, the plot thickens, and the audience is taken on a thrilling ride. You can watch it on Netflix.

2. Little Things

“Little Things” is a heartwarming web series that beautifully captures the nuances of a modern-day relationship. Follow the journey of a young couple as they navigate through life’s ups and downs, celebrating the little moments that make their bond stronger. You can watch it on Netflix.

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3. Bholaa

This action-packed thriller promises to keep the audience on the edge of their seats with intense fight scenes. At its core, the movie tells the emotional story of a father longing to reunite with his child after his time behind bars. If you’re a fan of action movies, “Bholaa” is a must-watch that will leave you breathless from start to finish. You can watch it on Amazon Prime.

4. Malcolm in the Middle

“Malcolm in the Middle” is a beloved sitcom that revolves around the mischievous and eccentric Malcolm and his chaotic family. Full of comedic moments and relatable family dynamics, this series will take you on a nostalgic trip down memory lane. You can watch it on Disney+Hotstar.

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5. Mismatched

If you’re a fan of romantic comedies, “Mismatched” is a must-watch. This charming series revolves around a group of college students and their adventures in love, friendship, and self-discovery. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of emotions and laughter. You can watch it on Netflix.

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6. Gullak

“Gullak” is a delightful slice-of-life series that takes you into the lives of a quirky middle-class family. Through its endearing characters and relatable situations, the show explores the joys and challenges of everyday life, leaving you with a warm and fuzzy feeling. You can watch it on Sony Liv.

7. The Young Sheldon

“The Young Sheldon” is a spin-off prequel to the popular sitcom “The Big Bang Theory.” This endearing series follows the childhood years of Sheldon Cooper, a genius with an eccentric personality. Witness his hilarious escapades and how he navigates the world around him. You can watch it on Amazon Prime Video.

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8. Crash Landing On You

“Crash Landing On You” is a Korean drama that has taken the world by storm. This captivating series tells the story of a South Korean heiress who accidentally lands in North Korea and finds herself entangled in a forbidden romance. Prepare for a perfect blend of romance, suspense, and emotional depth. You can watch it on Netflix.

Badhaai Ho

“Badhai Ho” is a heartwarming Hindi film that challenges societal norms and explores the dynamics of family relationships. With its brilliant performances and witty dialogues, this comedy-drama will leave you with a smile on your face and a warm feeling in your heart. You can watch it on Disney + Hotstar.

10. Panchayat

“Panchayat” is a refreshing web series that humorously portrays the life of an urban youth who reluctantly takes up a job as a secretary in a rural village. Follow his journey as he navigates through hilarious situations, cultural clashes, and unexpected friendships. You can watch it on Amazon Prime Video.

11. What the folks

“What the folks” is a relatable and lighthearted web series that delves into the dynamics of a modern Indian family. With its witty writing and stellar performances, it explores the complexities and humor of family relationships, making it a perfect binge-watch. You can watch it on JioCinema.

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12. Shehzada

Switch off your brains while you enjoy this comedy movie. The movie revolves around Bantu, who suffered neglect and criticism from his father while growing up. Bantu’s life took an unexpected turn when he learns that he was switched at birth with a millionaire’s son. It’s then Bantu decides to seek his actual family’s love and protect them from the threats they are facing without revealing his true identity. You can watch it on Netflix.

13. The Big Bang Theory

“The Big Bang Theory” is a classic sitcom that follows the lives of a group of socially awkward but brilliant scientists and their hilarious misadventures. With its clever humor, lovable characters, and witty pop culture references, this series guarantees endless laughter. You can watch it on Netflix.

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14. Good Newwz

“Good Newwz” is a heartwarming Hindi film that revolves around a couple dealing with the joys and challenges of pregnancy. With its stellar cast and witty dialogues, this comedy-drama strikes the perfect balance between humor and emotions. You can watch it on Amazon Prime Video.

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Now that you have an exciting list of movies and web series to explore, grab your popcorn, get cozy, and embark on a weekend filled with entertainment and enjoyment. Happy binge-watching!

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