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 When it comes to Bollywood, there is no shortage of movies that have been so senseless that their very mention makes us cringe. These movies somehow make us question our belief in filmmaking. But then, the audience is so dynamic that you can’t predict what movies work and which ones don’t, although some are too obvious. So how about we let IMDB pick the worst of the lot? IMDB is a huge database where all movies are rated out of 10.

Here is a list of movies that made it to the worst 25 movies in Bollywood according to IMDB ratings:

1. Himmatwala, 2013 (1.8/10)

You need himmat to watch this masterpiece by Sajid Khan. The movie is a remake of a movie made 30 years ago. But, if anything, it is worse than the original.

worst bollywood movies
Source: movietalkies

2. Karzzzz, 2008 (2.1/10)

No, the numerology did not help this Himesh Reshammiya starrer in any way. A remake that actually ruined the legacy of the original one.

worst bollywood movies
Source: imgkid

3. Aap Kaa Surroor: The Moviee – The Real Luv Story, 2007 (2.2/10)

The story is as confusing as the name. All you need to know is that it was made in Germany (which they say 20,000 times in the movie… I mean… ‘moviee’) and somehow there are Indian auto rickshaws plying there as well.

worst bollywood movies
Source: sulekha.com

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4. Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag, 2007 (2.0/10)

All hope was burnt when this official Sholay remake was released. Not only did he include his own name in the title but used the hero of the first movie, Amitabh Bachchan, as the villain in this one.

worst bollywood movies
Source: naachgaana

5. Drona, 2008 (2.3/10)

Abhishek Bachchan is a warrior (yes, that is true) and has a love interest who somehow looks like a female samurai. No matter how much sepia filter they used, it could not protect the movie from its terrible and inevitable fate.

worst bollywood movies
Source: alphacoders

6. Jaani Dushman: Ek Anokhi Kahani, 2002 (2.7/10)

Itni anokhi ki koi na samajh paye. This movie had the worst CG setup ever, so they decided to use Armaan Kohli as Neo, Terminator and a snake’s head. Also, it showed us two things: how an attempt to rape can be okay and Sonu Nigam’s acting.

worst bollywood movies
Source: getmusic

7. Tees Maar Khan, 2010 (2.5/10)

The only reason people went to see this movie was because of Katrina Kaif’s ‘Sheila ki jawani’ number. But even she could not save a comedy that can only make you laugh if you have turned your brain off along with your phone in the theatre.

worst bollywood movies
Source: katrinakaifonline

8. Love Story 2008 (2.7/10)

Hrithik Roshan part 2 (Harman Baweja) plans to bring his girlfriend back from the dead. He happens to have a time machine at his disposal, but instead of going back in time he goes forward to 2050. Ingenious, isn’t it?

worst bollywood movies
Source: imgkid

9. Joker, 2012 (2.5/10)

A village created by mental asylum escapees called Paglapur (so smart). Well, not really. You may end up feeling like a part of this village which somehow escaped the world’s sight for 60 years.

worst bollywood movies
Source: apnatimepass

10. Jism 2, 2012 (2.8/10)

Sunny Leone plays a porn star, and she probably was the only reason the movie worked a little. An anti-climatic scene up in heaven made it worse. Your jism would beg you to leave mid way.

worst bollywood movies
Source: impawards

11. Rudraksh, 2004 (2.9/10)

Voodoo practices that are beyond reasoning and healing powers that killed science. Also Sanjay Dutt touching Bipasha Basu’s temple to give her ‘lady feels’ (yes, that is term used). It is beyond human logic and ability to understand.

worst bollywood movies
Source: shankarmahadevan

12. Rascals, 2011 (2.8/10)

The movie was called a third grade comedy, a series of dumb misadventures and a comedy which was seriously not funny. There are so many cons in the movie that all sense will con your brain and leave. Cons con a man who in turn cons the con men only to find out that he has been conned by the cons.

worst bollywood movies
Source: moviespictures

13. Aap Mujhe Achche Lagne Lage, 2002 (3.1/10)

A wealthy girl (Amisha Patel) falls for a college boy (Hrithik Roshan). Her father disapproves of this (surprise, surprise!) She takes poison and is about to die but somehow seeing him kick the crap out of her brother and his goons she somehow survives.

worst bollywood movies
Source: hintfilmi

14. Mission Istaanbul: Darr Ke Aagey Jeet Hai, 2008 (3.2/10)

The movie is all about a world famous reporter who gets stuck in a terrorist organization pretending to be a news channel. Ohh and not to forget, the alluring 13th floor where no is suppose to go but obviously Zayed Khan couldn’t resist. Weak story and bad acting are just some of the flaws.

worst bollywood movies
Source: gobollywood

15. Fight Club: Members Only, 2006 (3.1/10)

This is not the remake of the Hollywood flick Fight Club. The movie features a private fight club (yes, that is an original idea) where people come and fight but someone dies and Bollywood happens. Revenge, deceit, more revenge, fights, revenge again, so on and so forth. You get the point.

worst bollywood movies
Source: wallpapers99

16. Fool & Final, 2007 (3.2/10)

First of all there is an underworld don called ‘Moscow Chikna’, who four idiots try to steal a diamond from and succeed. Somehow, there is also a boxer involved who is played by none other than Sunny Deol. The plot was labeled ‘lethargic’ by a critic.

worst bollywood movies
Source: santabanta

17. Good Boy, Bad Boy, 2007 (3.4/10)

The poster of the movie said, “When good meets bad, it sparks magic”, and that was really not the case. It is a story about how two completely opposite students are swapped and put in the wrong sections. What follows is not comedy but stupidity.

biggest flop movies of bollywood
Source: apunkachoice

18. Department, 2012 (3.2/10)

Although the movie has a good cast with Big B and Sanjay Dutt and is decent in some areas, but department of substance and story is just empty in the movie. RGV’s experiment failed, again.

biggest flop movies of bollywood
Source: thebrokenscooter

19. Jodi Breakers, 2012 (3.5/10)

The story is about a couple who are couple breakers and divorce managing officers. But they force people into divorces as well, just to earn money. Much like we are forced to watch movies that we regret paying money for. You may need to divorce ‘expectations’ before watching this one.

biggest flop movies of bollywood
Source: apkxda

20. Do Knot Disturb, 2009 (3.5/10)

This movie was not that bad, but its release was ‘disturbed’ by Wake Up Sid, which actually put the movie to sleep. The story was not bad, but a few mindless scenes did drive it towards being a box office flop.

biggest flop movies of bollywood
Source: santabanta

21. Mela, 2000 (3.8/10)

Aamir Khan may have showed off his talent in the movie and Johnny Lever may have drank pee but on the bright side, there was a song that lasted for 10 mins.

biggest flop movies of bollywood
Source: hintcefilm

22. Cash, 2007 (3.4/10)

Based on a diamond heist, a critic about the movie said, “Once you are willing to let go off your beliefs and logic – like you really can’t jump off a cliff on your bike and remain unscratched – you would like the film.” I think that is enough to know how awesome it is.

biggest flop movies of bollywood
Source: youtube

23. God, Tussi Great Ho, 2008, (3.5/10)

Amitabh Bachchan as Morgan Freeman from Bruce Almighty is still somewhat understandable, but Salman Khan as Jim Carrey is the funny part and not the comedy in the movie.

biggest flop movies of bollywood
Source: funpluz

24. Hello, 2008 (3.5/10)

Well if you are adapting the story from a book, at least make sure all the important bits are included. People who hadn’t read the book (One night at a call centre by Chetan Bhagat), were actually left clueless for many parts of the film.

Source: gyanguru

25. Main Aurr Mrs Khanna, 2009 (3.6/10)

A couple (Salman Khan & Kareena Kapoor) is struggling in their relationship and embark on different journeys. Sometime later they meet & patch things up. Again after sometime, they have yet another fight but finally patch up. It is as confusing as it sounds. Added attraction: Haseena Jagmagia (Preity Zinta).

biggest flop movies of bollywood
Source: desibantu

Please note that the list is based on IMDB ratings and not on our personal evaluation of the films. The IMDB rating system is user based, wherein the audience gives its own ratings instead of the site.

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