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Adipurush has been surrounded by controversies ever since before it was released and now the latest one added to the list is that the makers of the film are being accused of copying a Hollywood movie.

Fans are already complaining about the poor quality of the VFX/CGI, the storyline, as well as the dialogues. Now, they have another problem which is that they are making comparisons between the Om Raut film and Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Thor starring Chris Hemsworth. 

Adipurush Makers Accused Of Copying Thor’s AsgardTwitter

Fans took to Twitter and Instagram to make memes on the issue saying that the Prabhas starrer has copied several scenes from the Hollywood superhero movie. 

One user wrote, “When you make Thanos out of Ravan and try to show Lanka as Asgard.”

“At least The Asgard was close to being called as "Sone ki Lanka,” wrote another user.

One more user said, “When the Ravan is from norse mythology & lives in dark asgard.”

Here are some of those posts:

Another major Adipurush controversy is the film’s dialogues. Fans have expressed extreme disappointment in the filmmakers for making the language ‘tapori’ and crass since it is an adaption of Ramayana depicting the lives of Lord Ram, Sita, Lord Hanuman. 

People are so taken aback with the dialogues that the Nepal government banned the screening of Indian films altogether and demanded that certain dialogues be changed in the movie, not only in the neighbouring nation but also in India.

Adipurush Makers Accused Of Copying Thor’s AsgardTwitter

After receiving enough backlash, the makers of the film issued a statement claiming that they will revisit the dialogues and release the film all over again with fresh ones. 

This led to the dialogue writer Manoj Muntashir Shukla releasing a statement over Twitter defending his work and complaining about how people are attacking him over his art. However, people were not satisfied with the statement and demanded that the changes be made immediately. 


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