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It goes without saying that the internet significantly impacts many parts of our lives in the current digital era. If you want to grab attention of masses, simply share something on social media and wait until it goes viral. Nevertheless, sometimes something gets so popular that it almost dominates the internet.

A similar phenomenon occurred with the release of Om Raut’s “Adipurush.” Based on epic Ramayana, this film features Prabhas as Raghava, Kriti Sanon as Janaki, and Saif Ali Khan as Lankesh. For those who have grown up hearing tales of Ram, Sita, and Laxman, their arduous exile in the jungle, Sita’s abduction by Raavan, and Raavan’s eventual defeat and demise, the dots can be easily connected.

Recently, “Adipurush” successfully made its big screen premiere and brought in sizable box office receipts. Yet it also received a ton of unfavorable reviews. One main complaint made against the filmmakers was that “Adipurush” turned Raavan’s complex character into a merciless, one-dimensional devil.

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Raavan is featured in the movie wearing all-black clothing and sporting a hairstyle that is frequently promoted at neighborhood salons. Even Lanka, his kingdom, is totally black in the illustration. In reality, Raavan, like most Hindu Mythology characters, is neither black nor white. He exists in various shades of gray. While he possesses deeply admirable qualities, he also exhibits characteristics that can evoke dislike.

As a result, a sizeable percentage of the movie audience experienced tremendous disappointment upon seeing their favorite interpretation of the Ramayana disintegrate before their eyes.


A guy on Instagram used AI to recreate Raavan’s portrayal in Adipurush

A Instagram user @sahixd sought artificial intelligence’s help in recreating Raavan’s portrayal from “Adipurush.”

Needless to say, the project’s outcomes brilliantly capture what Om Raut’s film seemed to be sorely lacking.

An AI-powered interpretation was able to capture the essence that people connected with the most. It was done because AI’s creation addressed the character of Raavan from a more nuanced angle. Consequently, it fills up the gap between the representation in “Adipurush” and the audience’s expectations based on their knowledge.

In fact, this Instagram portrayal gave Saif Ali Khan’s character a new perspective that the movie seems to have lacked. It expertly addressed the dissatisfaction of those who hoped to see a more intricate, multifaceted picture of Raavan. Additionally, it demonstrated how technology might be used to improve and reframe creative creations.

Due to all this, the netizen’s post went viral within seconds. Many commented on it and said that Saif Ali Khan should have appeared like this in the movie.


Which version you liked the most?

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