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 Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani released its trailer this morning and damn, we are in awe. From opulent sets and a dramatic background score to a massive star cast, each second of the trailer feels like a treat to watch.

However, it’s the gorgeous costumes that made us re-watch the trailer, over and over again.

Alia Bhatt, the protagonist in the movie, changed 15 sarees in the one-minute-long trailer and served us with good looks, good looks and good looks.

Let’s take a look and get ready to have our minds blown!

1. The bright gradient hues with that stunning backdrop – kisi ko bhi pyaar hojaayega, yaar!

2. We just can’t take our eyes off her and that gorgeous saree.

3. We need to recreate this scene with a maroon saree and a snowy-white background now. We don’t even need a guy!

4. The golden intricate detailing on her saree is what we are living for!

5. Black never looked so damn good!

6. Who said only yellow shade goes well with rain? Hello? Take a look!

7. Her sarees have a separate fanbase now and we are a part of it.

8. Is there any saree look that she can’t pull off?

9. Okay, we’ll be crying in a corner now. BRB.

10. The chemistry and the saree are both piping hot.

11. Yes, we are taking down notes for our next wedding adventure.

12. How can an outfit look so simple, elegant and gorgeous at the same time?

13. Just look at those sheeshas and intricate threadwork!

14. We are getting some major Chandni vibes!

15. We now declare her the queen of sarees!

Along with her acting skills, we are now a big fan of her sarees, as well!

Please note that all images are from the trailer.

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