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 Rajpal Yadav, the renowned Bollywood actor, who made us laugh on countless occasions, recently opened up about a tragic chapter from his past. At the tender age of 20, Rajpal experienced the devastating loss of his first wife, Karuna. Reflecting on this heartbreaking event, Rajpal shared how he grappled with the weight of his emotions at such a young age and the tremendous impact it had on his life trajectory.

Rajpal Yadav recently shared the heartbreaking story of his first wife Karuna’s death when he was just 20 years old. He revealed that this tragedy occurred at an age when he was not emotionally equipped to handle such a loss.

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Rajpal’s family arranged his marriage as it was customary for a 20-year-old with a job in their village. Rajpal got married to Karuna but sadly, she passed away shortly after giving birth to their daughter. Rajpal vividly remembers the anguish of carrying his wife’s lifeless body on his shoulders.

While sharing his story with The Lallantop, he said, “Back in the day if you were a 20-year-old man with a job, people would ask your family to get you married. So, my father got me married. My first wife, just delivered a baby, a daughter, and died. I was supposed to meet her the next day but was then carrying her dead body on my shoulders.”

However, he expressed gratitude for the support of his family, particularly his mother, and sister-in-law, who ensured that his daughter grew up surrounded by love.“But thanks to my family, my mother, my sister-in-law, it never felt like my daughter didn’t have her mother, she grew up with a lot of love.”, shared Rajpal Yadav.

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Following Karuna’s death in 1991, Rajpal focused on his personal growth and career. He pursued his studies at the National School of Drama and ventured into television and films. It wasn’t until his first film, Jungle, released in 2000 that he felt a sense of stability. During this time, he met Radha while shooting for The Hero in 2001, and their relationship took a beautiful turn.

While sharing details about his relationship, Rajpal said, “I had gone to shoot The Hero in 2001, where we met and remained in touch. We got married in 2003, after both families agreed to it.”

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Rajpal expressed deep gratitude for his wife’s unwavering love and support, stating that she has been the person who has stood by him the most after his parents and guru. Together, Rajpal and Radha are proud parents to two more daughters.

While applauding his wife Radha, Rajpal said, “Believe me, I have never asked my wife to wear a saree or anything. The way I talk to my mother, my wife talks to her the same way. After my guru, my parents, the one who supported me the most is my wife, 100 percent. Radha also raised the daughter I had from my first wife, as her own.”

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